$140 Comprehensive Alexa Skill Development course course

Free for Limited Time Only   Comprehensive Alexa Skill Development course

Learn how to develop Alexa Skills using Alexa Skills Kit (ASK). Add custom Skills to your Amazon Echo, Echo Dot devices.


Develop Alexa skills using Alexa Skills Kit (ASK)
Develop Alexa Skills using AWS Lambda function or Webservice as an end point (Node.js and Python)
Publish Skills to Alexa Skills store
Do automated testing of Alexa Skills using Mocha test framework or Python Unittest framework
Create your own custom skills for Amazon Echo, Echo dot devices
Create Skills using Account linking feature of Alexa Skills Kit, so that you can link Alexa user with use in your system
Learn how to access external APIs from your Alexa Skills
Learn how to access external database like AWS DynamoDB from your Alexa Skill to store per user information
Learn how to setup your local environment, so that you can automate the process of uploading Alexa Skills from your local machine
Learn how to use FLASK-ASK framework to develop Alexa Skills

************* This is the first comprehensive online course on Alexa Skills Development *******************
Welcome to comprehensive Alexa Skill Development course. You want to learn how to develop Alexa Skills? This course is for you.
Soon there will be lot of requirement for Alexa Skill Developers, as many companies wants to add Alexa voice control to their products and services. This is a comprehensive course teaches required skills to become Alexa Skill Developer. After completing this course you should be able to:
Please feel free to checkout course content and preview videos to know about this course.

Course Published  By IOT Wonders (Average rating- 4.9/5, Total Ratings- 6 )

Short Biography of Instructor:

IOTwonders develop high quality training courses on Internet of Things and Home automation. We are currently focusing on Alexa skill development courses for Amazon echo and other Alexa supported devices. We are early adapters of Amazon Echo and one of the first 1000 Alexa skill developers. Please feel free to check our youtube channel to find some of our work.

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Comprehensive Alexa Skill Development course
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