$145 Arduino and Design : Make Your First Robot course

Free for Limited Time Only   Arduino and Design : Make Your First Robot

Learn How to Make a Robot from Scratch. Become confident with the Arduino Board and 3D modeling.


Develop the mechanical design skills to start building complex parts
Understand how to use the Arduino or Arduino/Genuino 101 to build great products
Understand the workflow of building a complete Robotic system from scratch

This course will teach you the general process of building a robot from scratch.
This course is for everyone whether you are a beginner or a more advanced Maker who wants to understand the complete process of building a robotic system.
You will learn:
The course will cover a broad range of topics and by the end of the course, you will have the skills to take your own projects from the idea stage to actually having the physical system in your hands working and functional.

Course Published  By Mr Maxime Adjigble
Mr Alexandre DESMARES (Average rating- 
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Short Biography of Instructor:

Maxime Adjigble is a Mechatronics Engineer and currently a PhD student in Computer Sciences.
He has been building electronic circuits since the age of 13. And later on has worked with the world leading companies in Robotics.
He his an expert in Robotics, Machine Learning and Software Programming (from C/C++ to Web Design and Cloud technologies).
Quote: “Just Make it!”
He is an expert in Robotics, Exoskeletons, IoT and Artificial Intelligence.
Passionate by Technology, He wants to bring a real socio-economic benefit to society by developing new systems using the latest technologies currently available.
He is especially interested in enhancing the capabilities of humans and has designed many assistive exoskeletons that gives force and agility to whoever uses it.
Quote: “Just Make it!”

Mr Maxime Adjigble
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Arduino and Design : Make Your First Robot
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