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Functions, Understanding Functions, Recognizing Functions, Vertical line test, Domain and Range, Evaluating functions, Even and odd Functions
Composite Functions, Inverse of a Function, Relative and Absolute Maxima/Minima, Positive and Negative Intervals, Increasing and Decreasing Intervals, Average Rate of Change of a Function
Limit and Continuity, One-sided limits, Derivatives, Derivative Rules, Practice of Derivative Rules,Trigonometric Derivatives, Exponential Derivatives, Logarithmic Derivatives
Lot of Live Practices and Quizzes to master the concepts.

Welcome to the Calculus course. This is complete course on Calculus designed by professionals to deliver a very high quality content on Calculus. Every section of the course is coupled with Live Worked Examples and Quizzes to make you master everything explained in that section. The course covers everything in Calculus including:
You are very much welcome and encouraged to take this course if you are looking to master Calculus or revise all the concepts of Calculus in a sincere and fun way.
We are excited about the course and look forward to welcome you in the course. Thank you very much 🙂

Course Published  By Prateek Porwal (Average rating- 4.2/5, Total Ratings- 16 )

Short Biography of Instructor:

Prateek Porwal is a graduate of the world known Indian Institute of Technology- BHU. After passing his Electrical Engineering with 1st Class Honors, Prateek worked as an Electrical Engineer in a well known MNC- Nvidia Graphics.
It was during March,2015 when Prateek decided to quit his job to pursue his passion towards teaching and never turned back. It has been a very wonderful experience teaching students from around the world, through online tutoring platforms. Prateek has taught thousands of students so far in the subjects of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Maths and Physics. His dedication and teaching expertise has made Prateek one of the most sought after tutor on the platforms he teach.
Prateek has now entered into the world of Udemy to create online tutorials for you all and we are sure he is going to be a gem instructor for Udemy 🙂

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