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An understanding of video marketing and why it works
The ability to produce videos with the correct settings and to distinguish between good and bad online videos
Clearly define your video marketing goals to maximise results
How to edit, optimise and upload your videos so that they are seen by as many people as possible
How to transcribe audio and captions
Selecting the best titles, descriptions and tags for your videos
How to recognise and respond to social signals
Strategies that allow you to take advantage of and monetise psychological factors and emotions
Tips on video rewriting and voice-overs
How to optimise your videos according to SEO best practices
Channels for video distribution
How to do market research for keywords and rankings
Tips and tricks for making your videos look slick and professional
Be familiar with the tools you need to get started and where exactly to begin when producing your first videos
The ability to monitor your video marketing campaigns and make adjustments as necessary

The days of boring websites are gone forever. In the past, the technical limitations of HTML coding and the slowness of most Internet connections made it impractical to provide web users with any serious audio-visual experience. A page might have featured an interesting table-based layout, an animated gif or two, a link to a RealAudio file for background streaming, or a few stray flashes of Java. For the most part, however, audio-visual techniques were used as novelties, signs to the browsing public that the site coder was technically savvy and that the site was cutting-edge.
Audio-visual techniques still indicate that your site is cutting-edge and that your coders know what they’re doing. But it’s no longer possible even to argue that audio-visual content is a novelty. With modern connection speeds, coding options, software packages and plug-ins, it’s now possible to record sophisticated video and audio presentations, to show them to your site’s audience without breaking up their browsing experience, and to do all of this without incurring prohibitive bandwidth or hosting space costs. The technology has become sophisticated enough, in other words, to let you use audio-visual techniques for their traditional purpose. You can let your customers hear your product, see your product, and form emotional connections to your product. The result? You’ll not only impress your customers, but you’ll sell more products.
Video marketing is one of the most powerful ways to advertise and market on the web. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or if you’re a seasoned pro; you can break through or bolster your business with an effective video marketing campaign.
Welcome to The Complete Guide to Video Marketing; the only course you’ll ever need to become a video marketing mastermind!

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