$20 Create Ajax Chat App with PHP & Mysql course

Free for Limited Time Only   Create Ajax Chat App with PHP & Mysql

Learn how to build your own chat app


Communicate with Database
Send and receive data from database
Make Ajax requests
How to use Sessions

In this course we’ll build Ajax chat app using PHP , Mysql and JQuery from scratch in very simple way , you will be amazed how simple it is.
We will use Ajax mechanism so the page will not refresh, we going to retrieve the messages by Ajax instantly.
We will learn how to use sessions in order to store user name or any data that we want.
we going to create database we will see how to add data and retrieve data in background without refreshing the page.
you will learn a lot in this short course.
So Join us in this short journey .

Course Published  By Akram Abdulrazaq (Average rating- 4.0/5, Total Ratings- 2 )

Short Biography of Instructor:

I dedicated my self to teach what I’ve learnt over years in very simple ways, I know your time is valuable so all my courses  are simple to understand and mostly short videos , because from my experience learning online is a huge challenge , watching one hour video is not the right way, surely you get bored or you would probably think of something else, however, I focus only on the important thing in every video or tutorial that I make, for example instead of showing you ten ways to do the same thing I would only show you one or two ways , This is an important point because in my learning experience I was in rush to get the point quickly instead of wasting time in an unimportant things.

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Create Ajax Chat App with PHP & Mysql
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