$20 Learn Flowchart and Pseudocode Programming from Scratch course

Free for Limited Time Only   Learn Flowchart and Pseudocode Programming from Scratch

In this course You will learn how to draw a flowchart and how to write pseudocode effectively.


Know Algorithm, Flowchart and Pseudocode
Draw Flowchart
Write Pseudocode
Understand Programming Language Logic

Why you should take this course?
-You will learn how to draw flowcharts and how to write pseudocode .
-You will learn Various symbols in flowchart and you will how to use it in flowchart efficiently.
-You will know what is repetitive process in flowchart?
-You will know what is conditional execution in flowchart?
-You will learn how to use data types in Pseudocode?
-You will about Variables and Constants in Pseudocode?
Each lecture has been explained with real life examples and this course requires no prerequisite knowledge. Everything is explained in simple, easy to follow steps. In a very short time, you will be able to take a programming situation and reduce it to a series of steps that can be transferred to any programming language.
After learning flowchart and pseudocode you can convert flowchart or pseudocode into any programming language.
If you found any difficulty in understanding my lectures then please don’t hesitate to ask me i will try to solve your query for(if required) 100 times.
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Course Published  By Obaid Kazi (Average rating- 3.7/5, Total Ratings- 87 )

Short Biography of Instructor:

I am a Software Engineer. My Primary programming languages are Java (J2SDK v1.3, J2EE, EJB, Servlets, JSP, Struts, J2ME, JavaBeans, RMI, JDBC, Java Applets), C, C++,C#; .Net, and HTML. I have 3+ years of experience in application development. I have worked on projects such as Database Management System for Call Centers. Currently i am teaching C#, Java and .Net for many institutes as a guest lecturer. I get involve in students in a variety of community service, problem-solving,and technology-infused activities that provide them with opportunities to use their programming languages to help others.

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Learn Flowchart and Pseudocode Programming from Scratch
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