$50 How to Become A WordPress Expert Overnight: Beginners Course course

Free for Limited Time Only   How to Become A WordPress Expert Overnight: Beginners Course

Learn how to become an instant WordPress expert today with our step-by-step video course!


Over 30 lectures that was designed with the complete beginner in mind!
By the end of this course you’ll easily be able to build and customize WordPress sites for yourself, family and friends, or even for your business.

This course will teach you simple and easy step-by-step process how to create your first WordPress site. This course is also suit for beginners who want to learn and master WordPress in the fastest way!
This course consists of 30 videos that reveal some of the greatest shortcut, tips, tricks, and methods anyone can use to get their own WordPress site up and running in no time.
So what will you learn from this course?
… and many more will be covered in a wide range of topics.
In the end of this course you’ll quickly learn how to set up your WordPress site. All the guesswork is removed – you have easy to follow videos that show you the way.
Imagine having the ability to set up your WordPress site EXACTLY how you want it without any frustration or confusion. It’s an amazing feeling of accomplishment knowing what to do and how to do it. Not to mention all the money you’ll soon be saving by NOT having to pay someone to do it for you!
That’s why I’m making this course as easy as possible for you to get started. It could take you weeks or months of late night hours searching for all the answers.
So what are you waiting for? Lets take the course today!
Fast action bonuses if you take the course today:
*The offer is for full-paid members (the members who paid full price $48 without taking discount for the course).

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Short Biography of Instructor:

Dedy Oktavianus is working as Web designer and WordPress expert at IndoWebCreative.Com
Dedy is a passionate and experienced web designer, developer and entrepreneur. Originally from Jakarta, Indonesia. Dedy is a web designer with a strong experience background and began working professionally as a web designer since 2012.

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How to Become A WordPress Expert Overnight: Beginners Course
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