$80 Self-Learning : Learn anything from the internet by yourself course

Free for Limited Time Only   Self-Learning : Learn anything from the internet by yourself

Your powerful guide to learn anything by yourself from the internet for free


Finding a good learning path for what you want to learn
Have a good idea about how can you learn from the internet
Make a plan for yourself to learn anything you want
You will have a great resources that will help you during your learning journey

Hello , Friends. In this course I will share with you my knowledge about Slef-Learning. I will show you all steps – in my opinion – that you should follow to learn anything in general and anything from the internet in particular , And I will give you a practical examples for each step , So that you can understand these steps clearly. Also , I will show you how can you find any solution for any problem you will face during your learning journey. Also , I will show you how to use valuable sites like (edx , MIT opencourse , lynda , coursera and udacity). And , I will show you a full example on what we learned , So that you will understand how can you apply all these information on what you want to learn. I hope you will enjoy this course and benefit from it 🙂

Course Published  By Lotfe ELtokhy (Average rating- 5.0/5, Total Ratings- 2 )

Short Biography of Instructor:

I am Lotfe from Egypt 19 years old . I have a lot of experiences in several things , Such ( Graphic design , Motion graphics , web design , making content , YouTube and Blogging ). Also , I like learning programming . And I am here to teach you all of these things and share my knowledge with you , I hope that you will enjoy my courses and benefit from them 🙂

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Self-Learning : Learn anything from the internet by yourself
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