$90 The Art of Icon Design: Create Custom Flat Icon Designs course

Free for Limited Time Only   The Art of Icon Design: Create Custom Flat Icon Designs

Learn Fundamentals of Icon Design and Adobe Illustrator to Create Cohesive Icon Set


Create Your Own Cohesive Icon Design Set
Understand Different Tools In Adobe Illustrator
Understand The Fundamentals Of Icon Design
Understand Icon Design Process, The Professional Workflow

Icons are a universal language and it is everywhere whether it is website, applications, products and various signage’s. But when it comes to learn icon design, there are very less resource out there. Very few resource available that are really useful and which guide to the icon design process. That’s why I created this course to fill this gap.
The class begin with the icon design fundamentals, then I have discussed the icon design process which you can follow to create your icon sets. Finally I will show you how you can digitalize them in adobe illustrator. I will show you how you can use basic shapes to create beautiful icons. In between I will share tips that will help you in becoming better designer.
Whether you are a designer, student or anyone who is interested in learning icon design. This class will help you in understanding the world of icon design.

Course Published  By Shubham Sharma (Average rating- 4.5/5, Total Ratings- 5 )

Short Biography of Instructor:

I am a graphic designer and illustrator from South Asia. I am passionate about creating different arts. I love to share my skills and get interacted with budding designers. I am here to share my experience and skills with the world.
I enjoy travelling, learning new stuffs and collaborating with different people.

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The Art of Icon Design: Create Custom Flat Icon Designs
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