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APIs are everywhere and they contain so much data.  This course is an amazing hidden gem, which teaches you everything you need to know about accessing and using APIs.  I’m a web developer and recently I’ve seen such a demand for social media APIs and other data.

I found this course covers everything that I wanted to know, shows you how to use an API, Javascript API, Ajax API, Json API.  Introduces you to all the most popular APIs online today.  Google Maps api, Twitter api and Facebook api.   It shows you how to use JSON and AJAX and all the modern web dev technologies.

The instructor is an experienced 14 year web development veteran who covers the topic well, provides great examples and resources.  The video quality is HD and the instructor speak clearly.

I was looking for a course that covered these topics and from what I found on Youtube and other sources they did not deliver.  Go to Udemy check out this course, it well worth the price in time you save researching this stuff yourself.

Take this class for only $5
This API introduction use JavaScript AJAX JSON Social Connections is among the best online classes available for beginner students. Though it is normally priced at $126, you can grab it today for just $5! However, you need to hurry because this Udemy coupon  will only be available for limited time only.

This course will give you a low level understanding of ASP.Net web API 2 & how to implement it in RESTful manner.


Create their own RESTful APIs
Provide Authentication for API
Create Versioning of API
Test & Debug API with jQuery Ajax requests

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This Six Week Online Course For Web Developer Is Available For Limited Time

Online learning is more popular now than ever before. You can learn a new skill in the convenience of your own home on your own time schedule. If you’ve always wanted to learn a new skill but never before had the time, you’ll appreciate the opportunity to do so at your own pace. Sites such as Udemy offer over 35,000 courses and have more than 19,000 instructors waiting for students just like you.

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