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FREE Music Production in Logic Pro X -Beginner Guide 5 Easy Steps course coupon

Join Successful Students in Learning the Basics of Logic Pro X Today with my 5 Easy Steps! In this new Logic Pro X overview, I show you the 5 easy steps required to get yourself around Logic Pro ... more ››

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FREE Learn Music Theory for Electronic Music Producers course coupon

This is the only Music Theory course you will need as an Electronic Music Producer! Are you producing Electronic music? Do you struggle with Music Theory and always wanted to learn but always fel... more ››

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100% off How To Get a Manager: Music Business Management course coupon

Artists guide from being self managed to hiring a manager to help build your music career Last Updated December 15th 2015 As the artist Manafest I've sold over 300,000 albums worldwide, over 1,00... more ››

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FREE Music Production in Logic Pro X – The Beginners Guide! course coupon

Learn the basics of setting up and making music in Logic Pro X Logic Pro X is the leading Digital Audio Work Station for Apple Mac users and it's used across professional studios and bedrooms wor... more ››

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FREE Electronic Music Primer course coupon

Get started making electronic music today! In this class, we are going to quickly walk you through some of the more daunting options behind getting started with producing electronic music. This c... more ››

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FREE Music Production – Taking a Peak at Presonus Studio One course coupon

This short course takes a quick look at how you can record, edit and produce a song with Presonus Studio One In this preview course from composer/sound designer Gary Hiebner we’ll take a look und... more ››

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FREE Music Production in Ableton Live 9 – The Beginners Guide! course coupon

Join Students in The Beginners Guide to Ableton Live 9 for learning the basics of music production in Ableton Live 9 Ableton Live 9 is a software music sequencer and digital audio workstation for... more ››

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