The Complete Web Developer Course – Build 14 Websites review


This Six Week Online Course For Web Developer Is Available For Limited Time

Online learning is more popular now than ever before. You can learn a new skill in the convenience of your own home on your own time schedule. If you’ve always wanted to learn a new skill but never before had the time, you’ll appreciate the opportunity to do so at your own pace. Sites such as Udemy offer over 35,000 courses and have more than 19,000 instructors waiting for students just like you.

Perhaps one of the more popular courses is that of web development. This field offers a myriad of opportunities for a lucrative career in web design as well as for the casual business owner.

While there are endless options available for online courses, an ideal place to begin is with The Complete Web Developer and learn to build 14 websites.

Six Weeks To Your New Career

This course is available for those who desire a well-rounded program that will go over everything it takes to build a successful website and more.

In just six weeks you can move from zero experience to professional experience. No matter what you’re seeking from a career, you can apply these skills to your current career or start an entirely new career.

Containing over 200 lectures as well as 28 hours of relevant content, you’re sure to appreciate that you can move through this course at your own pace. In short order, you’ll be ready to launch your own business or enhance your current business by creating stellar apps and websites.

What You Can Learn

In the next 11 chapters, you’ll learn:

How to set up a free, unlimited web hosting. You’ll receive this $199 value free of charge for one year just for enrolling in this course.

HTML and CSS course

JQuery and JavaScript

CMS or Content Management Systems and WordPress skills

PHP as well as MySQL

Responsive Design development

Mobile Apps and APIs

Should lack of interaction be a concern, you’ll still have full access to our online community in this course and to an instructor who can help you if you become lost or stuck on a concept. Your questions will be readily answered quickly and efficiently and as you interact with others in the course you’ll fine tune your skills.

Easy One-Stop Shopping For All Of Your Learning Needs

A lot of the students are intimidated when they begin their course in web development, especially those who have no experience in the field. However, this course ensures that students can excel even if they start with no knowledge of the topic.

Start with the basics and move to the HTML class. From there you’ll graduate to the CSS and the JavaScript classes. Even if it’s intimidating, by the time you complete these classes you’ll be able to write code successfully.

From coding, you’ll move into building web sites hands on. Cover advanced techniques with jQuery and MySQL. Focus on Twitter Bootstrap and finally PHP and create and design websites that are not only responsive, but they also display on all devices flawlessly.

In short order, you’ll be able to create and design e-commerce sites that work well on blogs and WordPress. You can incorporate this content with APIs which will help connect such sites as Google Maps and even RFacebook.

Each section of the course will present you a challenge and once you master that challenge you’ll move forward in the ranks. In your last and final project, you’ll design a Twitter clone thus proving that you know exactly what it takes to design, create and implement a successful website and thus design and create your own business.

Learn To Earn

Once you’ve mastered this course, you can build award winning sites and apps. This course is loved by students around the world. You’ll have an ebook that covers all of the most helpful tips and tricks that you can use to implement our website with your new skills and make money.

If you typically struggle in putting your talents to the test, this class is for you. You’ll find ways to price and get assignments that not only pay well, but also help you to fine tune your skills on a daily basis. You’ll learn to overcome challenges that are presented to you.

What Others Have To Say

Almost 200,000 students have taken this course thus far. Over 14,000 of these students have given reviews and rated this course with 5 stars. The fact that the course is fully comprehensive and offers hands-on training gains this course more credibility.

Discounted Rates For Enrollment Now

Normally, The Complete Web Developer Course – Build 14 Websites  course is $199. However, if you enroll now, you can enroll for a mere $49. Yes, you read that right, it’s currently 75 percent off of the regular rate. It’s a quick and easy way to jump-start your career. Act now because this offer won’t last long.

For this small investment, you will get your complete course, you’ll have the opportunity to focus on your career and realize your career in web development. No other course offers what this course can give you.