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FREE Polish language for beginners ! course coupon

Polish course - learn fast and easy! The course is divided into two sections: grammar and topics. We will learn how to read, speak and count in Polish. We will also get to know how to form polite... more ››

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FREE Learn Tagalog for Travelers and Beginners course coupon

Learn how to speak Tagalog for travelers and beginners and impress your friends and family Learn how to speak Tagalog and enjoy your vacation in the Philippines. Speak with your friends, family o... more ››

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FREE Essential German: Learn Over 200 German Words & Phrases course coupon

Learn how to speak basic conversational German with ease Learn the essential phrases and vocabulary you need to have basic everyday conversations in German. The perfect course if you would like t... more ››

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FREE How to Self-Study English Effectively ? course coupon

Make the most of your Study time , Learn the most effective techniques and tips 1  access English around you. 2  set your own goals and see your own progress. 3  make decisions about learning voc... more ››

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FREE A-Z Guide to Mastering Spanish Pronunciation For Beginners course coupon

Master correct enunciation, eliminate your accent, and sound like a Spanish native! Ever wanted to learn how to speak like a native and reduce your gringo accent? Then this is the course for you!... more ››

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FREE Know The Hebrew Alphabet course coupon

Know the Hebrew "Alef Bet" - א ב, There is no need for any innitial knowledge before taking this short course! Hello dear Hebrew enthusiast! First of all: If you want to unlock this course for FR... more ››

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FREE Speaking Chinese like a native speaker fast course coupon

Most effective way to learn Chinese for complete beginners More and more people are learning Chinese now because of the booming economy and large population in China. There could be plenty of rea... more ››

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FREE The 13 Verb Tenses Of English Grammar course coupon

How to Elevate Your English to "Native Speaker" Status After many years of teaching ESL to students in 3 different continents, I've come to 1 very obvious conclusion:  Verb Tenses Are The Most Di... more ››

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100% off Methods for Improving Your English Fluency course coupon

Use these methods and techniques every day to boost your English skills! (Intermediate - Advanced) This is a course which presents the best methods that I have found for becoming fluent in Englis... more ››

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FREE English Grammar : The Four Past Tenses course coupon

Master How and When to Use the Four Past Tenses of English Welcome to English Grammar: The Four Past Tenses. This is course that takes you step-by-step through the past tenses of English. You wil... more ››

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100% off Learn English: Beginners course course coupon

Practice grammar, readings, listenings, dictations, pronunciation, vocabulary, spellings and more This “Beginners" Course is focused on learning Basic English structures, grammar, vocabulary, lis... more ››

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100% off French for beginners – From zero to pro in 60 minutes course coupon

Condensed French crash course or how to make the best out of your trip by learning the basics of French Do you love travelling and would like to make the best out of your trip? Learning the basic... more ››

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100% off ESL Vocabulary Builder For Beginners – Clothing/Weather course coupon

Learn every day English vocabulary to improve your speaking, listening, reading and writing. This course is designed for beginning ESL students. In this course, students will learn basic and ever... more ››

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FREE Learn clear English conversation for better communication! course coupon

Learn from a real live native 'BBC' or 'RP' English speaker about real English phrases, great pronunciation & language This course is for English speakers who want to improve their conversation, ... more ››

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FREE Study English Anywhere- English Language Intermediate Course course coupon

Intermediate (B1) English Course What will I learn? How will I learn? In this course, we will learn all the areas of the English language at Intermediate level. This is a very useful course for y... more ››

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FREE Elementary Chinese lessons (HSK2) course coupon

Elementary Chinese lessons (HSK2) Students who finish this period of study will understand 500 words and be able to communicate simply and directly on daily topics with which they are familiar. T... more ››

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