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FREE Introduction to Gypsy Jazz Guitar course coupon

How to Play Gypsy Jazz Guitar Learn the basic guitar skills that you will need in order to play the fun and exciting style of Gypsy Jazz. Build a strong foundation in Gypsy Jazz guitar with this ... more ››

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100% off Learn to play your favorite guitar songs by ear course coupon

Get a structured step-by-step map to playing guitar by ear in just a few days! Hello and welcome to this course!!! Have you ever wondered how some people can just pick up a guitar and play any so... more ››

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FREE Music Theory for Electronic Producers – The Beginners Guide! course coupon

Join Successful students in Music Theory for Electronic Producers for learning the basics of Music Theory Learning how to write and create music effectively will dramatically improve the quality ... more ››

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100% off Ultimate Beginner Guitar Masterclass course coupon

Go from knowing nothing about the guitar to playing with ease Welcome to this beginner guitar masterclass! This course is going to take you from ZERO to HERO in a very short amount of time. My na... more ››

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100% off Music Theory for Electronic Producers – The Complete Course! course coup...

Join Successful students in Music Theory for Electronic Producers for Creating, Arranging and Analysing Music Theory Learning how to write and create music effectively will dramatically improve t... more ››

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FREE Learn how to Create Great Songs in GarageBand for iPad course coupon

A simple step by step course enabling anyone to write a classic contemporary song using GarageBand for iPad This songwriting course using GarageBand on the iPad is the ultimate music education re... more ››

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FREE Guitar Crash Course for Adult Beginners Who Want to Play Now course coupon

The absolute beginner's guitar course for busy adults and teens who want to play guitar without having to learn theory Free for a limited time, busy adults or teens can take this guitar crash cou... more ››

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FREE Jazz Guitar Tips, Tricks and Licks course coupon

Learn the most important techniques and methods of jazz guitar! Hey guys, my name's Tyler, and I'm the founder of Music is Win. I'm here today for one reason, and one reason alone: to ask you to ... more ››

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100% off Harmonica Songs – Learn How to Play Five Famous Rock Songs course coupon...

Make real harmonica music by yourself and play songs by The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones with band accompaniment Did you ever want to be able to play music? Do you like the folky, pleasant ... more ››

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100% off Zero to Guitar Fingerpicking in 30 days course coupon

How to go from complete beginner to guitar fingerpicking in 30 days Play the most common guitar chords in a fingerpicking style Be able to play a bassline with your thumb at the same time as playin... more ››

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100% off Harmonica Jamz: Play Songs and Jam on Your Harmonica course coupon

Play famous rock songs on your harmonica, understand music and be able to jam with friends and with your favorite music Play the harmonica with the full, confident tone of a professional. Play the ... more ››

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100% off Produce Your First Song in Studio One course coupon

This course takes an in depth look at how you can produce and write a song with Presonus Studio One At the end of the course the student will be able to produce their own song within Studio One. Th... more ››

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100% off Music Production III – Audio Mastering – The Quick Guide! course c...

Learn how to master your own songs professionally! You will be able to master your songs within your own studio. You will have a better understanding of Mastering EQ, Compression, and Limiters. You... more ››

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100% off Music Production II – Audio Production Workflow – COMPLETE!! cours...

Learn how to create an Audio Production Workflow, and produce professional quality music within virtually any DAW! You will be able to produce high quality audio within Studio One Prime or any DAW ... more ››

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