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FREE Changing Oud strings like a luthier course coupon

How to change Oud strings Changing the strings of an Oud may seem like a very difficult task if you've never done it or if you've ever seen someone do it in front of you! I'll show you step by st... more ››

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FREE Christmas Songs on the Guitar Course Part 2 course coupon

Multi Award Winning, Guitarist, Performer and Songwriter - 50,000+ Students Sandi Millar Lesson Pros Learn the basic concepts and building blocks that you will need to get started on some great C... more ››

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100% off How to compose Beautiful & Catchy Melodies on the Piano course coupon

Music & piano lessons that teach how to compose melodies on the piano and how to make melodies to be catchy & memorable This course was published on the 21st of November 2017 Join over 15,000 stu... more ››

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100% off How to Make a Deep House Track in Logic Pro X course coupon

Learn How to Make a Deep House Track and Remix Your Favourite Track in the Deep House Genre Do you enjoy listening to commercial tracks and want to get them remixed in a Deep House style? Do you ... more ››

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100% off Create a Calvin Harris Style Track in Logic Pro X course coupon

Learn Creating Electronic Music Like Calvin Harris Style in Logic Pro X and Finish Music Quickly Have you heard Calvin Harris track "This is What You Came For"? Do you want to create music that s... more ››

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FREE Read Music Now – For Piano Players course coupon

A quick and easy method to be able to both read music, and play it on your piano Have you ever looked at a piece of music and thought it looked like a foreign language? Music notation is strange ... more ››

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100% off Playing Piano: Scales and Arpeggios Vol.2: Minor Keys course coupon

Learn to play them with the correct fingering Are you a piano student? Are you still struggling with scales? Sometimes as piano students we start practicing scales but we do not learn to play the... more ››

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100% off How to create unique/colourful Piano Chord Progressions course coupon

Piano lessons that teach about how to use Chord Substitutions and Passing Chords to add colour to Chord Progressions This course was published on the 11th of October 2017 Join over 13,000 student... more ››

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FREE Intro To Music Theory course coupon

For Complete Beginners In this introductory course, we show you how to read music, from the very basic nuts and bolts to basic song and musical forms and more! All you need to start your music th... more ››

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100% off Guitar Lessons for the Curious Guitarist course coupon

Complete guitar & music theory course. Beginner to expert. Learn to solo, write, jam, & perform. 23 hours of videos! Welcome to Guitar Lessons for the Curious Guitarist!  Our course is a comprehe... more ››

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