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The C programming language is one of the foundation or base-language of many programming languages today.
Lectures 72
Video 5.5 hours
Skill Level Beginner Level
Languages English
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The C programming language is one of the foundation or base-language of many programming languages today. Dennis Ritchie developed the C language and it has known as the mother of programming languages. It has nearly been four decades since C programming language invention and yet it is in use in many applications today. The invention of the C language made the usage of languages like COBOL, PASCAL, and FORTAN obsolete. The C language is widely in use today. Many other programming languages have their programming structure evolved from the C language just like the C++ and C# programming languages. The C language is very robust and it could be used to implement many programs, software and applications. Any person who is interested in learning programming should first make sure that he/she has a strong basic background in C programming language. A person who masters the varied aspects of the C programming language can master any other programming language with relative ease.

Why you should take this course

1. 69 lectures, 9 Sections and 6 quizzes

2. Reduced length of videos: We have removed any useless second from the videos to save the user’s time.

3. Use of Zoom and pan : We have used Zoom and Pan technique to improve the visibility of the content in the videos on computers and mobile devices.

4. Easy to understand : The instructor has a neutral accent, Which make’s understanding him easy.

5. Downloadable material are available with many videos, In order to help the users

6. The size of the videos is small, as high compression and advance codec’s are used to render, which makes buffering of videos fast.

7. Regular updates (if required)

This course covers concepts like
Why we should learn C programming
History of c programming language
Where C programming stands in programming world
Where C is Used
Comparison of C programming launguage with English
Variables and Constants under C programming
Keywords under C programming
Hello World program demonstration
Lets become good coders
format specifiers and escape sequences
How to Interchange values of variables
Decision making using if condition
Understanding Typecasting
Storage classes
Const and volatile
Understanding loops
Understanding break And continue
Understanding Case control structure
Function Prototyping
Global vs Local variable
Understanding arrays
Understanding Strings
String input under user, demonstration
String manipulation functions
Multidimensional array
Passing arrays to functions
Union under C programming
Call be reference
Memory layout of array
reading text from a file
Writing on a file
Read from file and write into another file
Appending file

The price of this course is low, but there would be hike in price in regular interval Happy Learning 🙂

30 days money back guarantee, NO risk!

Full details
Understand, How to program in C programming language
Concepts in C programming
Write independent C programs
I highly recommend everyone to take this course, as everyone should know how computers could be programmed
The Students who want to make careers in IT, This is for you!

Chaand Sheikh
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