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See how I create a socially integrated and monetized game. Everything you need to create an immersive game using Swift 2
Lectures 42
Video 7.5 hours
Skill Level All Levels
Languages English
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Available on iOS and Android
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LATEST UPDATE: Integrating our iPhone game with Twitter

PREVIOUS UPDATE: Saving the user’s High score to local storage using NSUserDefault and updating a third party SDK in your project (Chartboost SDK).

The “How to create iPhone Flappy Birds inspired iPhone game with Swift” Course is a comprehensive step by step course. You will learn how to put a modern, socially integrated and monetised iPhone game together. The inspiration for the course comes from the world famous game Flappy Birds. Let me be very clear on my next point. The concepts you will learn in this course can be applied to any idea you have for an iPhone game.

In the 40 lectures and over 7 hours of content, we will start by covering off all the basis to get you going. We will install Xcode and run through the basics of the Xcode environment. We will then moving on quickly to start building the scenes and background to our game. After that we will build the pipes and the main character. Not long after that we will look at introducing physics properties to our game objects. Now are our game is starting to take shape. We can them look at how our user is going to score in the game. Once that is all done we will introduce Chartboost ads to monetise our game. Then we will integrate our game with two the biggest and best social media networks… Facebook and Twitter. We will also connect our game up to a Game Center Leaderboard to track our users high scores.

Once we have complete all of that I will finish off on talking the next steps I think you should take…

I’ve done all the research, read the Swift documentation, searched the web for how to perform certain functions in an iOS game and put all the ideas and concepts into one complete package. There is no need to look any further: This course is a one stop shop to get you started in building your own unique iPhone game.

This course will continue to grow and be updated with new trends and to accommodate for new software version updates.

Full details
Create a Flappy Bird inspired iPhone game in swift 2
Learn how to program an iPhone game with Swift 2
Learn the Xcode 7 environment
A complete and working iPhone game that is monetised and socially integrated.
After taking this course you will be confident enough to start creating your very own iPhone game.
The skills you will attain from taking this course will be valuable and viable for years to come.
Learn how to use Apple’s SpriteKit framework
Learn how to use Apple’s AVFoundation framework
Learn how to use Apple’s Social framework
Learn how to use Apple’s Accounts framework
Learn about GameViewControllers and SKScenes
Learn how to integrate an iPhone game with Facebook
Learn how to integrate Chartboost Ads into an iPhone game
Learn about storing data on the iPhone with NSUserDefaults
We will learn how to connect our game up to a Game Center Leaderboard
We will learn how to save the user’s high score to NSUserDefaults so the score will not be lost if the game is closed and re-opened.
We will learn how to update a third party SDK framework in your project, we will use the Chartboost SDK as an example.
Learn how to integrate an iPhone game with Twitter

Full details
Do you want to develop an iPhone game but you’re just not sure where to start?
Have you already started to create a game and need some help?
Do you find yourself trawling the internet for hours but you just can’t find the solution you are looking for?
People who want to make money from building their own iPhone game
This course has been designed for someone with a beginner or intermediate level of programming knowledge.

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Ben Kane Johns
How to create a Flappy Bird inspired iPhone game in Swift 2
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