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Learn to Create iOS Social App with Swift, Xcode & PHP, MySQL, HTML on Custom backend. Learn multi languages at one time
Lectures 115
Video 19 hours
Skill Level Beginner Level
Languages English
Includes Lifetime access
30 day money back guarantee!
Available on iOS and Android
Certificate of Completion

You want to become Professional iOS Developer from Beginner or Average Level TO ULTRA ADVANCE?
You want to be Professional Backend Server Developer?
You want to learn several languages at once and combine them together?


Programming skills?
You don’t need to have any kind of development experience. This course will guide your from scratch. I explain every detail in coding and teach you to create outstanding iOS app you can make money from. 

Don’t worry, as soon as you complete the course, you will know all about Swift, PHP, SQL, HTML languages; about Server Development; Databases Logic Creation; Server & Database Connection to Your App; about Creating Social App working with your own Server and many many many more.

This course teaches you to:
– Full iOS Development.
– Full Backend Server Development
– Web Development
– Correct Database Structure Creation
– All about Swift
– All about PHP
– All about SQL
– All about HTML
– All about Apache
– Full App Development that works synchronously with your Backend Server
– Create outstanding designs for your app.
– Create professional UI and UX with deep programming.
– and many many many more.

This course will make you:
– Professional iOS Developer and you can start earn money on freelance or apply for a developer job.
– Professional Backend-Server Developer and code confidently.
– Understanding Web Development and code confidently.
– Professional builder of Databases and Logics.

Course structure:
1. We will start from installing necessary softwares.
2. I will introduce you to server side: what is it, why we need it, how to deal with, how it works, how to configure.
3. I will teach you SQL language from scratch.
4. I will teach you to work with databases and logics.
5. I will teach you PHP programming language from scratch.
6. I will teach you main of HTML and web development.
7. I will teach you Swift programming language to become advance developer.
8. I will teach you to design and customize your app.
9. We will create ready-to-publish outstanding, amazing and professional iOS Social App.

You’ll get +19 hours video education of creating social app on custom your own backend, including coding, learning multiple languages at once, creating user interface, learning designing and many many more.

No need to rely on Third-Side-Services, like: Parse, Firebase, etc.


Full details
Create own social network on custom backend
Program own backend server
Code on Swift and Xcode
Code on PHP
Code on MySQL
Code on HTML
Develop outstanding animations and effects of App’s User Experience and User Interface
Create full clone of Twitter
Build professionally well designed database
Create live background view
Deep and advance programming
Code professional User Experience and User Interface
Select profile picture and save it in our server
Show all posts made by user
Search users in database with Swift
See all the users in database with Swift
Go to Home Page of certain user
See posts made by certain user
Add records to database with Swift
Delete records from database with Swift
Search records in database with Swift
Update records in database with Swift
Upload files to database with Swift
Be professional programmer
Make posts
Upload files to own server
Advance Swift & Xcode knowledges
Sign Up
Email of restoration confirmation
Email of resetting and creating new password
and many many more!

Full details
Build full Twitter clone
People wanting to create own custom backend server
People wanting to become Professional iOS Developer
People wanting to create own social network
People wanting to create Twitter app
People wanting to learn how to create outstanding app designs
People wanting to learn how to make incredible UI and UX
People wanting to learn deep programming
People wanting to learn deep animation programming

Full details

Akhmed Idigov
Create Social App on Custom Backend on Swift PHP MySQL HTML
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