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Learn the deeper meanings of color and their impact for your professional and private life.
Lectures 29
Video 3.5 hours
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“This is a masterpiece of how to balance your life in colors and chakras. it is packed full of useful information for everyday life and how it all connects to your spiritual evolution as well. Cha~zay really shows her deep knowledge of metaphysics in a way anyone can understand and use.” Guy Girard


Do you want to become a certified color psychology expert?

Do you want to achieve more success in life and business?

Why are companies spending millions to brand their logos and choose specific colors for their websites?

Feeling a bit blue or things are not going the way you want them to?

Not sure why you can’t quite attract a loving partner?

The psychology of color is a fascinating one – especially given that it takes so little to make such a huge shift in our life; simply by making little tweaks here and there. If you want more success in your career, business or your personal or romantic life, then this course is for you!


If you’ve been sick for a while and you want to help your body shift into a frequency of self-healing, then this course is for you!

There is a reason rainbows have 7 colors. There is a reason every body has 7 chakras (and more). We’ll cover the 7 chakra colors in this course as well.

We’ll even talk about make-up, hair and skin color and how impactful a remodel or an accent wall or carpet can be.

This course will help you think differently about colors, those you wear, those you surround yourself with and those you choose for your day-to-day business (websites, brochures, business cards, logo, and more).

This course will undoubtedly elevate you to higher plateau in the field of personal development and spirituality while giving you a huge advantage in business. Know exactly why you are dressing the way you do. Know what colors to wear (and not wear) when you have an important interview, speech or presentation coming up (or even a date).

In fact, I will even show you how businesses get a 20-60% conversion boost by making the tiniest little change to their website buttons. And how you can do the same.

Dress for success! Design for success! Feel confident and empowered and in control!

Special Notice: If you want to become a certified color psychology expert, you will need to order your certificate from the Core Freedom Academy at the end of your course. You will need to register with Core Freedom Academy and pass a series of steps, including a small test, in order to receive your Certificate of Achievement. Certificates are optional and not required in order to take this course.

Full details
You will get a Certificate of Achievement and a Certificate of Completion.
Discern which colors set them up for success and which ones set them up for failure
Know exactly which colors to use in your bedroom or office
Which colors attract and which ones repel, depending on what your motive is
What changes to your website to reach a 20-60% conversion boost
What colors to choose intimidate people and which ones to wear to generate a peaceful aura around you
Which colors to wear and not wear when you’re sick
How to read whether you or someone else has excess or deficiency in any particular color, and what to do to get or remain balanced
You will also learn about the 7 chakra colors and how to get into balance within your own system to achieve optimum health
You will learn men and women’s favorite and least-favorite colors (and how this impacts your business)
You will learn about the most-favorite color of them all and how to use it appropriately in your own business
You will learn how different colors emit different energies and what types of feeling each color evokes from your audience (in both your business and persona life)

Full details
This course is for business executives, consultants, business owners, employees, coache

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