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Learn the skills to start your career in Growth Marketing. 5 hours of basic, intermediate, & advanced marketing lessons
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Marketing is changing

Marketers no longer just sit in a room and come up with catch slogans like in Mad Men. They’re now required to be more analytical, more technical, and take ownership of a larger part of the traditional customer funnel

What does that mean?

It means that your traditional education and your traditional understanding of marketing are becoming obsolete. Companies are no longer hiring marketers to sit and watch over ad campaigns; they’re hiring marketers that can not only plan, design, and run their own campaigns but also influence and understand their products on a much deeper level

In this course we’re going to focus on both core marketing fundamentals but also on the more advanced growth marketing strategies that are becoming more and more in demand. We’ll cover the basics that any marketer should know and then expand into day to day actionable skills you’re going to be required to have. In the second portion of the course we’ll focus on how you can set yourself up for success in the marketplace and how to find, vet, and lock down a job in Marketing or Growth.

Who should take this class?

The class is designed for 3 types of students:

1) Anyone with a passion for marketing and specifically wants to learn in demand growth marketing strategies

2) Anyone who wants to transition to marketing and get a job 

3) Anyone who wants to apply growth techniques to their own ventures and run their campaigns the same way a professional firm would

Full details
Apply basic, intermediate, & advanced growth techniques to their own campaigns or their company’s
Understand the basics of advertising psychology & persuasion
Design and start their own email advertising campaign
Design and predict their company or product’s growth trajectory
Apply the traction model of distribution to their own venture or firm
Design and run their first Google adwords campaign
Design and run their own Facebook ads campaign
Analyze other types of advertising and their suitability for each campaign
Understand the basics of company and product branding
Look for and decide between available marketing & growth positions
Put together a personal portfolio that will increase their likelihood of being hired
Use tactics for using free work to increase their exposure before applying for jobs
Know what to expect during interviews for marketing positions
Employ a handful of interview tactics that work especially well for Marketing positions

Full details
Anyone who is interested in marketing and wants to start a career in it
Anyone with basic familiarity with marketing concepts that want to specifically learn the discipline growth marketing
Anyone looking to transition into marketing or growth
Anyone who is interested in running more efficient campaigns and employing professional long funnel approaches to their own ventures

Full details

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