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Discover the unique blogging system to start a blog to 3 Million yearly visitors, after years of blogging mistakes!

How I Created A Blog Visited By 3 Million People Yearly In Just 6 Months And How You Can Do Blogging Too…


WARNING: If you are a very popular blogger, this is not the course for you.


You know, just as I do, blogs became the main way to be visible online, work from home or from anywhere around the world and attract thousands of customers in an automated way.

It’s easy to start a blog, blogging is very popular and one of the biggest chalenge is making people actually visit your blog. Most bloggers have their websites visited by only a few friends and relatives. Maybe you are in the same situation.

And most people who created a blog website and started blogging are stuck. Nothing seem to work for them. I was here for years and thought it is not possible for me to learn blogging or it is too difficult.

In this letter I will show you one of the best ways to make people wanting to read your blog and even recommend other people to read it too…

Before I do that, let me introduce myself.

My name is Florin Rosoga, I am a online business consultant, coach and author. I started using online tools several years ago to promote my books and consulting services. Like many other people I thought that by posting on a blog, on Facebook or Twitter people will notice me and I will get customers.

But that didn’t happen at all.

They continued to … just ignore me.

It wasn’t that long ago when nobody seemed to care about what I had to offer. I was frustrated and couldn’t understand why other people that seemed to have inferior products and services could thrive, while I was stuck.

I decided to change that and the moment when things turned in a different direction was when I finally understood how do people really behave, read and spend time online.

I called it the Online Behavioral Routines

From that moment I applied what I learned to my own blog, my own social media pages, my own podcast each time with more and more success.

In 2014 more than 3.3 Million visits on one blog only.

And in 2015, as I write this, there are already 3.5 Million (see proof video below)… and my goal for 2015 is that of 5 Million.


Take your blogging from complete unknown to superstar status, and learn how to create a blog website and monetize it for lifelong residual income with the best blogging course on Udemy from a successful online business coach.

Years ago I started blogging. And for years nothing seemed to work. I bought all the courses I could afford, I read all the books I found. Still, I couldn’t find a way to get more people visiting my blog, beside my friends and my brother.

Well, I suspect my mother was also reading my blog…

The change came when I learned what are the reading habits people use when reading books. Back then, I wondered what are the same habits in the online.


After a lot of research and testing the results were surprising: people do actually read in a completely different way online than they do it offline. That’s because they have the specific Online Behavioral Routines.

So I started defining all my blogging activity around these and my traffic exploded. People started spending much more time on my blog, they started recommending it to their friends and kept coming.

Again and again.

They left comments, shared my articles on Facebook (having 5K shares for an article became usual). Blogging was so easy after I understood how people actually read online and I started writing “in their internal language”.

It was like when you are in a foreign country speak to someone that doesn’t understand your language. Suddenly he starts understanding you and speak your language.

Now YOU listen to each word he speaks!

Now you understand him and want to hear him again!


People fail blogging fo

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