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If you are tired of reading too many blog articles, which are so scattered that you never know that what are the steps in sequence to start a profitable blog, then you are at the right place.
Being in the industry for more than 6 years, I know the pain of a newbie blogger.
So, Blogging Blueprint is a special designed course (keeping newbies in mind) which has step-by-step instructions.
This course is the output of my 6+ years blogging journey and after writing 1500+ articles.
I have seen the changes in the industry. I have seen the changes in Google’s algorithms. Back in 2011, when I started my blogging career, things were simple and easy.
Google was not so much strict and ranking the articles was easy with some sneaky tricks.
In this course, you are going to learn everything step by step.
I have designed this course in such a simple way that even a non-technical guys can start his/her blogging career.
This course is divided into 7 modules.
Module 1: Starting a blog (12 videos)
Module 2: Writing your blog content in a professional way (8 videos)
Module 3: Doing Email Marketing in a right way (4 videos)
Module 4: Driving Traffic on your blog (3 videos)
Module 5: Creating and optimizing your Social Media accounts (2 videos)
Module 6: SEO – Search Engine Optimization (8 videos)
Module 7: Making Money with AdSense and Affiliate Marketing (4 videos)
BONUS Session: How to run Facebook ads (1 video)
If you have ever started a blog in the past and failed it miserably, this can be the training you were looking to learn the right strategies.
Do you know that even a small mistake like, no-indexed categories, tags can make your blog become a big failure?
I learnt such things after many failures and after many hits and trials.
and sadly, I wasted a lot of money, efforts and time in this process.
I wish someone could guide me in my starting days of blogging so that I could become a better blogger in less time.
Make sure that this doesn’t become your story as well.
I still remember the day when I took Facebook Ads training from an expert and he charged $300 for a 4-days workshop.
I asked many questions and then started doing my Facebook ads.
Where many of my friends were burning their money to learn new techniques, I was making money. 🙂
Because my mentor taught me all those things which were crucial to run a successful Facebook Ads campaign.
and at the last, how to become an awesome blogger after this training.
& some special goodies. 😉

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Blogging Blueprint 2.0: Become a Blogging Expert in 7 Days
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