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Secrets of the experts in the field – exposed! Short sets of simple exercises that make you 10 times more efficient!

This course brings you the SECRETS of rapid learning & fast thinking that will transform your BRAIN into a machine that will serve you in all areas of life and will advance you a few levels up.
The videos give simple steps for overcoming thinking problems. The process is availeble to you everywhere!
This course design to provide tools, activities and exercises that provide you the right framework to faster your MIND.
Alin’s story begins with typical school difficulties in a peripheral city and continues with overcome those difficulties, administrative positions in the field of education and even the establishment of a unique learning center that teaches students with learning disabilities, foreign languages in a fascinating way.
Alin has gone through a long peocess of revealing and discovering the tools that influence success. Through the many studies that Alin has done, her learning and practical work, she reveals how to make the brain more efficient so you would be able to perform fastest and better!
The course consists of 4 parts:
*The first part is the introduction to the course.
*The second part deals with knowing and training three abilities: working memory, flexible thinking (innovation) and inhibitions.
*The third part deals with problems when absorbing our information from the environment and how these problems can be corrected.
*The fourth part deals with problems as we pass the information out – to others, and how anyone can overcome them.
Who is the target audience?
1. People who want to learn things fast and develop creative thinking.
2. People who strive to job promotion.
3. People who want respect, honor and money.
4. People who want financial well-being and security.
5. People who want to increase their free time so that they have more time for family, friends and hobbies and will still be in high status and demonstrate skills in their workplace.

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Brain Empowerment- focus- success – happiness- easily done!
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