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Lectures 19
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Course covers everything that beginners need to know about Statistics

Welcome to course on “Concepts of Statistics for Beginners”

This course will cover the basic understanding of Statistics . In this course students will learn the basic concepts of Statistics. what is Statistics? and its types.

Variables and its types, Measurements of scales,Basic activities of statistics,classification tabulation and frequency distribution .

We will cover

To Understand basics of Statistics that will helpful to Business Management.
Go for advance concepts of statistics
Statistics and its types
Data and its types
Variables and other basic concepts of statistics
Measurements of scale
Basic activities of Statistics
Classification and frequency distribution
Group data and class limits
Histogram,frequency curve and measure of central tendency
Charts and its types
Averages,Properties of Arithmetic mean,quartiles and box plot
Average and its types , Box plot and detailed box plot
Trimmed and winsorized mean, and quartiles deciles and percentiles
Stem and leaf display and emperical relationship between mean median and mode

Hence this course will provide the basic knowledge of Statistics to the new comer .

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