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Learn how to prototype, design and create simple Flappy Bird clone game using LibGDX and Java
Use Java to solve complicated programming problems
Understand how to write clean and maintainable code
Use gained skills to create new games from scratch
Make games from scratch using LibGDX Framework
Understand how to check collision between different game objects
Understand how to animate game objects
Understand flappy bird game mechanics
Understand how to prototype game quickly without any assets

Course Updated 20. December 2016.
LibGDX is a free and open-source game-development application framework written in the Java programming language with some C and C++ components for performance dependent code. It allows for the development of desktop and mobile games by using the same code base. It is cross-platform, supporting Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, BlackBerry and web browsers with WebGL support.
In this course we are going to create Flappy Bird clone game using LibGDX and Java. The course is completely project based and we will create fully featured game from scratch.
All resources and source code is included in this course so you can download it easily.
If there are any problems or questions that you encounter i will try to respond as fast as possible with as much details as i can, sometimes I may ask you to send me your code which will make it a lot easier to help you. That way you will benefit even more from this course.
All project files will be included and you are free to use them for anything that you like, personal or commercial use. The only limitation is that you cannot use assets or material from this course to create another course.
Lets take a look at the game and what are we going to learn inside this course.
We are going to create really simple Flappy Bird clone called Skippy Flowers, game will use same game logic that Flappy Bird is using. You will learn how it is easy to prototype simple games like Flappy Bird using Java and LibGDX.
In this course you will find many useful exercises to improve your game.
I hope to see you inside!

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