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Guided, hands on creative exercises and activities to increase your creative thinking skills and creativity
Know how to use the environment around you to boost your creative thinking
Have hands on practice with 15 creative exercises to increase your understanding and boost your creativity
Understand the creative thinking mindset you need to be in to maximize creativity
Receive the instructors help if you have specific questions about creativity or if you are stuck creatively
Understand frustration and how to properly handle this negative emotion so it doesn’t interfere with your creativity
Be able to set up your own creative space so you can engage in creative thinking and creativity on a daily basis
Get into a neutral creative mindset by participating in a guided creative mindset meditation​

>>> This guided creativity workshop has over 2450 students and 21 five star reviews from previous creative students who have loved this course!
>>>This course was updated in January 2016! <<< Are you stuck creatively and unsure where to find inspiration? What if I told you that creativity is all around you, you just have to stop and look? In this introductory course I help you to think more creatively in any area of your life. I give you the tools to use the resources and the environment around you to think more creatively from here on forward. I use the knowledge from my BFA degree in Creative Writing and minor in Psychology to work your mind creatively with various exercises. Doing a couple exercises isn't enough, I want you to have the entire creative treasure chest so you can draw creative inspiration from it, no matter where you are! Creative thinking is not just for artists, anyone can think more creatively starting today! I want you to gain knowledge and hands on experience as fast as possible. Almost all of the lectures will have a creative thinking exercise for you to complete. The best part is that not only do I walk you through the exercise but I complete the exercise with you and share my results at the end to keep you moving forward creatively. In this course you will: I give you 32 lectures (and expanding!) in just 1.5 HOURS! This class has ZERO time fillers because your time is valuable and I want you to start thinking more creatively ASAP with as many different exercises. This creative thinking class will always stay up to date and I check this course on a daily basis to answer any questions you may have for me and to offer any additional help that you may need. There are no stupid questions, so if you need help just let me know. I am 100% committed to improving your creativity and creative thinking skills! >>>Click the Take This Course button today because you have nothing to lose! If this class was not a right fit for you, Udemy will give you a refund with their 30 day money back guarantee!
Sign up for this course today and let’s get you to not only to think more creatively but open your mind to the endless creative possibilities awaiting for you inside this course! Thank you for choosing me as your creative teacher!

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Creative Thinking Workshop: Exercises to Boost Creativity
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