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Ethical Hacking – A Complete Hands-On Training on Offensive Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing Using Kali Linux
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Course Overview
This course will provide learners with a basic level of competency using a hands-on approach to gaining practical experience as a penetration tester or an ethical hacker (white, grey or black).
This course provides a fundamental look at offensive security concepts and techniques using a virtual install of Kali Linux and three different target victims, Windows XP, Server 2008 and Linux (Metesploitable2). This course provides a 100% hands-on on approach to learning to be an ethical hacker or a pentester.

How is the course structured?
The course uses short video tutorials, hands-on labs, virtualization and open source tools for step-by-step learning of ethical hacking fundamentals; the same tools and open source software are used by professional penetration testers and ethical hackers.
This course provides videos, labs, and links for downloading the free and open source software used throughout this course.
You will able to build a virtual install of Kali Linux and Windows XP for virtual lab environment.  You should complete the first lab of this course before enrolling. Starting with lab 2, we will begin scanning and attacking an Windows XP victim. If the first lab cannot be completed, there is no need to enrol in the course since all labs that follow are dependent on the first lab being completed.
You will learn how intruders escalate privileges and what steps can be taken to stop them, the importance of a strong firewall, the importance of keeping systems and software updated and the use of complex passwords.
You will also learn how launch DDoS Attacks, Buffer Overflows, key logging and password hacking.
Completion of the course will help prepare an individual for an entry-level position as a pen-tester or ethical hacker. On completing this course, you will receive a course completion.
If you would like to discuss about ethical hacking, watch someone else talk about technology or write a paper, there are plenty of other courses to choose from. To successfully complete this course students must demonstrate the fundamental concepts of offensive hacking. In other words, learners will learn something by doing.
Course Objectives
Who should take this course?
Network administrators, cyber security students, entry level penetration testers, anyone who want to be an ethical hacker, concerned parents, concerned spouses, law enforcement and anyone with a solid background in technology.

Who should not take this course?
Anyone suffering from technophobia (the fear of learning new technology). Anyone not having a good understanding the OSI model, or the TCP/IP suite.
What are the course requirements?
Knowledge level
A good understanding of basic networking concepts, the TCPI/IP stack, how devices communicate, and basic troubleshooting of network connectivity issues.
How to use a computer, a mouse and keyboard.
How to configure a static IP address on a Network adapter.
How to check for connectivity using PING, IPCONFIG and IFCONFIG.
This course will not cover or review the OSI model, discuss IP addressing or any basic networking concepts. Students are expected to have these skills when they enrol.


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Ethical Hacking – A Hands-On Approach to Ethical Hacking
Ethical Hacking – A Hands-On Approach to Ethical Hacking course coupon
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