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How to Publish an eBook on the Amazon Kindle Book Store step-by-step: Writing, Formatting and Publishing Your Book
Lectures 167
Length 7.5 hours
Skill Level All Levels
Languages English
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Available on iOS and Android
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The Amazon Kindle Publishing Masterclass is the definitive resource on How to Self-publish an eBook

The course has been split up into 17 different modules, which I call the 17 ‘ings’ of Self-publishing, is over 7 hours in length and is continuously being developed (last updated: November 2016) !!!

Once you have watched this course, not only will you know how to write and publish your first book, but you will also have learned how it is possible to make a living, or at least a part-time income, from your writing.

Module One on QUESTIONING whether you should write a book or not 

In this module, I attempt to help you answer the extremely important question of whether the writing and publishing of a book is the correct choice for you personally.

Module Two on PLANNING the Writing of Your Book

In this module, I  show you how you can easily create both a Strategic Plan and Your Daily Work Schedule with WorkFlowy, a simple to use online notebook for lists.

Module Three on BUILDING your Writer Platform

This module looks at the importance of building an online presence and ultimately creating a direct relationship with your readers, in short your Writer Platform.

Module Four on the RESEARCHING of your Book

In this module, I take a look at the researching of your topic or genre, to see if it is commercially viable.

Module Five on Writing your Book

In this module, I discuss the writing process; from the initial idea right through to completing the first draft, as well as the importance of writing quickly.

Module Six on the POLISHING of your manuscript

This module looks at how to rewrite your first draft, while all the time keeping one eye on the Rules of Writing and another eye on the Elements of a Story.

Module Seven on the EDITING of your book

In this module, I discuss the different types of editing that your book should go through before it is ready to be published. I also go through my own editing process in detail and what you can do if you are unable to afford the professional editing of your book.

Module Eight on the ILLUSTRATING of your book

This module looks at the sourcing and editing of those images that form part of your book’s content and promotion, as well as advice on the most important image of all, your book’s cover.

Module Nine on the FORMATTING of your ebook

This module shows you the various options available to you so can quickly and easily format and validate your book without pulling your hair out!


This module is concerned with the different places where it is essential that you write good copy, before you can actually publish your book.

Module Eleven on PUBLISHING your ebook

This module offers a step-by-step, over-the-shoulder look at publishing your book to the Amazon Kindle Store.

Module Twelve on SELECTING the distribution channels for your book

This module discusses the pros and cons of distributing your book exclusively through Amazon’s KDP Select and just when an author should consider distributing wide.

Module Thirteen on the LAUNCHING of your book

This module is a step-by-step guide to launching your first ebook.

Module Fourteen on GIVING your readers high quality content for free

This module shows you what is without doubt the most effective marketing tool that self-published authors currently have at their disposal.

Module Fifteen on MARKETING

In this module you will learn the Importance of marketing your book at each and every stage of its development, including the various book marketing strategies that you should implement both before and after you publish your book.

Module Sixteen on LEARNING

This module looks at the importance of life-long learning and keeping abreast of what is happening in both your own niche as well as in the self-publishing industry.

Module Seventeen on EXPANDING

The final module of the course discusses the importance of repurposing the content you

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