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Learn Basic to Advanced Customer Research, Determine Whether Your Product Will Sell & Receive Free Software Tools + Gift
Lectures 30
Length 3.5 hours
Skill Level All Levels
Languages English
Includes Lifetime access
30 day money back guarantee!
Available on iOS and Android
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Welcome to the complete customer research guide that is based on decades of experience and thousands of case examples. In this course, you will get the full detail. Normally, customer research is being taught in university, nevertheless, it is not getting taught properly. Leon Chaudhari, a successful 7-figure entrepreneur and award-winning inventor from Berlin, Germany, will show you exactly how to generate meaningful costumer research and data that convinces venture capitalists. After watching this course, you will be able to identify profitable startup ideas and will know how to generate them yourself as well as how to test in real-life market situations whether they have an existing customer base or could activate a potential customer base. The course focusses on the following aspects in detail: 

1. Idea Generation – Identifying & Testing Startup Ideas In A Real-Life Market Environment 

2. A Top-Down Approach From The Market Down to The Single Business

3. The CIPP Table of Creativity, Innovation, the Process & Profitability (of Ideas) 

4. Question Sheets In Order To Generate Meaningful Consumer Data 

5. Persuasion Methods For 1 on 1 interviews, phone calls, and e-mail

6. Software Tools Such As In-App Technologies In Order To Generate Meaningful Answers That Can Be Used To Re-Shape Or Develop A Product 

7. Reshaping & Development Hacks For Post-Customer Research

8. Professional Analysis Of Generated Costumer Data (Grouping, Perspective, Allocation) 

The course goes with extra material, gifts and will be updated constantly. It features industry secrets and can be accessed 24/7. You have the opportunity to get your money back any time and have access to your own private mentor. We will help you generate proper costumer data and show you how to differentiate between bad data and good data. 

After this course, you will know whether your product will sell in a real-life market environment or if it will fail. Your likelihood to build a successful startup will increase massively if you complete the course. For every person who completes the course, the Applied Education Academy will hand out a gift worth 65USD. 

Taking this course is completely risk free! Sign up now and receive access to hours of premium high quality content!


“This is the EXACT course I have been looking for! I normally don’t like spending money on Udemy courses. But, seriously, this course was worth it. I am not working together with Leon or the Academy but I must say, this  course was simply eye-opening. Very knowledgeable instructor, great way of presenting, and a great gift in the end! Just thank you!!” 

– (Caitlyn H., MN, USA) 

“Great course! Not too long, not too short, down to the facts, amazing lectures, great audio and video quality, very good instructor with a lot of knowledge! I recommend this course to everyone out there who wants their products to sell!”

– (Arnold J., TX, USA)


7-FIGURE ENTREPRENEUR, CEO/Owner/Founder of Teaching Hero, Co-CEO & Founder myclassroom 

I build my FIRST 7-figure business at age 18, and am currently in the process of building my SECOND 7-figure business at age 19, called Teaching Hero!

At age 17, I got my PhD offered (declined it) for my work on human hair and skin cancer (basalioma and spinalioma in particular). In 2014, I also received the Special Scientific Award from the Max Planck Society, awards from the Helmholtz Association and Martin Luther Foundation, and appeared on national television in the United States, Poland, China, and Germany since then.

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