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Unleash Your Dividend Income Stream

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Dividends are responsible for more than 40% of the S&P 500’s returns over the past eighty years. Yet dividend investing is the most overlooked strategy relative to value and growth investing.
This is GOOD news, as there are many excellent opportunities today, especially for investors looking to improve their dividend yields in a low-yield world.

The course’s main goal:
To equip you with knowledge and the ability to build and manage your dividend portfolio, so that in the future, that portfolio will grow and replace your monthly salary, giving you the time and financial independence you deserve.

You’ll walk away with:
1.   A broad knowledge of the fundamentals of dividend investing (with a focus on dividend companies)
2.   The ability to find great dividend-paying companies on your own
3.   The know-how to structure, track, and manage your dividend portfolio

Differentiating Factors: Why this course is different

Chlorophyll Inc’s Promise – 100% Effort
To the best of our ability, we will:

Udemy’s Promise – 100% Risk Free
This online investment course comes with an unconditional, Udemy backed, 30 day money-back guarantee; if this course does not suit you, you can always ask for a refund. No questions asked.

“Find the opportunities that other investors miss because they’re too enamoured with capital gains.”

Important Notices
✪   Please watch the free previews to gain further insights into this course.
✪   This course will not focus on REITs investment. For the latter please head to our REITs MasterClass in our channel.

Other Frequently Asked Questions:
Why should I engage in dividend investing?
The average historical performance of over fifty dividend-centric funds shows that dividend investing is a proven approach which can produce better and more consistent returns than the overall market. The research performed by Ned Davis shows that dividend investing is a good way to grow your passive income and wealth.
In addition, this style of investing helps investors to focus on yield sustainability instead of share price movement, making them more business-centric and fundamentally disciplined.
After attending your course, will I be able to find a list of top-paying dividend stocks?
Yes, the course will teach you how to screen and filter for dividend-paying stocks*. There will be a list of dividend stocks provided as well as other investment tips*, but we encourage you to apply what you learn and create your own list instead.
*Please read disclaimer in the course regarding stock picks and tips.
Will my portfolio’s dividend yield increase after attending your course?
Although this course focuses on teaching you how to find great dividend companies and helping you optimize your portfolio yields, there is no guarantee that your portfolio’s overall yield will increase.
This is because great dividend companies may choose to repurchase their shares, pay down debts, or simply reinvest their extra cash in the business.
Although your dividends might not increase, at minimum you will be rewarded with companies that have stronger balance sheets.
Is dividend investing risky? Will I lose my capital?
Most investment strategies carry some degree of risk—be it value, growth, or dividend investing—which can cause you to lose capital if market conditions sour.
Whichever investment strategy you pick, if you do not understand what you’re doing or apply the wrong knowledge, you’ll expose your capital to unnecessary risks.
That is why this course exists: to teach you, not only how to identify good dividend stocks, but how to avoid certain others.
I’ve attended many investment courses, and many of them over-promise and over-inflate returns. Does your course fall prey to such misrepresentations?
We will try our best not to state any unnecessary claims regarding an investment’s return. This is because, as experienced investors ourselves, we know that past returns do not guarantee future performance.

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