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Discover how to excel at negotiating anything
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Do you start sweating at the thought of negotiating anything? Do you find yourself seizing up when it comes time to ask for a raise? Buy a new car?

Face it. Almost everything we do results in a negotiation. If you have children, it’s going to bed or finishing dinner. If you have a boss, it’s when you work and what work you do. If you have employees, it the reverse… If you are in business, it’s over the price of your product or service.

There is nothing you do as stressful as negotiations.

And there’s nothing as important to your livelihood and success as your ability to negotiate.

this course is not about the nuts and bolts of Negotiation Techniques. There are lots of resources for that. This is a course about how to reduce the stress that arises during negotiations. This stress stops your mind from working at peak efficiency.

If you are negotiating in a stressful state, your results will be a lot poorer than if you are calm and relaxed (on the inside). If you are in control, you normally win your negotiation.

In this course, we will teach you the foundations of successful negotiations from the inside:

Creating Rapport
Brain balancing
Getting your subconscious mind on board
Hydration and its impact on your thinking under stress

Then we get into specific issues that you run into as you negotiate. These emotional tripwires can quickly derail your success in negotiations:

Fear of Rejection
Fear of being Fired
Dealing with Tension
Past Failures
And much more…

So don’t delay! Register for this fast-paced and engaging course and become a Negotiation Superstar! 

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Confidently enter into a Negotiation
Understand how to reduce the stress of negotiating to be more successful
Anyone who has to influence another person
Employees who want a better salary
Entrepreneurs who want a better agreement with clients
Professional company negotiators

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