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This course gets couples talking and actually fixing problems. It is tough, engaging, and at times, sexy.
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Length 1.5 hours
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Most relationships start off with a bang and everything is great. As time goes on that sizzle dies down and the things that never used to matter turn into daily arguments. It doesn’t have to be that way.

If your relationship is past the point of no return, then please don’t take this course. But if you feel like there’s a chance and you want to make it work then this course can be the answer. It will take you step by step through a process:

You will remember why you loved each other in the first place.
You both bring out what you want and what is bothering you.
Start fresh and learn how to make simple, everyday events into an opportunity to be playful, loving, sensual, or whatever you choose.
Learn ways to not sabotage what it is you really want.
Arguments are the death of intimacy. You will learn the two main culprits and realize how easy it is to avoid them.

Maybe you both just need a reset button, a chance to try it over with some new ideas. I know these strategies work, I have been using them for over a decade. They will work for you, just give them a try, What do you have to lose?

Full details
Have specific strategies to turn up the heat in your relationship.
Learn how to stop arguments and avoid sabotage.
Learn how to have fun again with your partner.
Discover how to take control and fix a bad moment.

Full details
I consider this course for couples 18 and above.
This is for people who’s relationships are not going the way the would like.

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