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This course reveals how to land a startup business development or sales job. Perfect for budding entrepreneurs.
By the end of this course, you'll be armed with all the strategies, tactics, and scripts to land the startup job of your dreams
You'll learn how to build out a massive network and take the fast track for any job you want in the future
You'll understand Startup Business Development and why it is such an attractive career
You'll develop proper etiquette for the most common business situations like meetings, making introductions, and interacting at events

**UPDATED DECEMBER 2016** Called “an absolute SHORTCUT for anyone looking to break into startups and business development”
You want to work with smart people in a fast paced environment where you’re learning every day…
You want to be a part of something bigger than yourself and feel your hard work’s tangible contribution to your company…
You want to learn how to become an entrepreneur so that you can one day start your own company…
There’s only one problem…you don’t have any technical skills : (
This course is a step by step guide for people who currently don’t possess any technical skills to land the startup job of their dreams.
And not just any job, but the premier “business job” at a startup which is commonly called Business Development.
Here’s a few reasons why working in Startup Business Development is so awesome:
And guess what…startup business development doesn’t require specialized skills as a prerequisite like coding, design, or financial modeling. Everything can be taught and you can excel if you have interpersonal skills and a strong work ethic.
Doesn’t sound too shabby right?
This course is the first step by step guide with exact strategies, word-for-word scripts, and proven tactics to land a Startup Business Development Job.
Here is just *some* of what you will learn in this course
Skeptical whether this course will work for you?
Just listen to a what a others have said…
“Unless you’re a programmer or have technical talent, breaking into the startup scene is incredibly hard. I really am lucky that I ran into Scott early on in my journey; his teachings about networking, strategy and of course business development were essential in my eventually landing a role leading BD at an awesome startup. He’s been so effective in turning his experiences into career lessons that everyone can benefit from, and I can honestly recommend Scott’s content, and this course, to anyone looking to grow their career – at a startup or elsewhere.”
-Ron G, now Biz Dev at Sketchfab (Techstars)
“I had a pretty successful career in Enterprise Sales in a non-tech industry and eventually got bored of the same ol same ol – so I decided to try and break into the SF start-up scene in a Biz Dev role. Turns out no one in the start-up world cares about what you did before or how successful you were. All they care about is – How can you get them to the next level? I took Scott’s “Break Into the Startup World” course and quickly realized I needed to really prove what I can do and stop talking about it. After several failed interviews and un-returned calls, I finally took Scott’s advice…It ended up being a huge success which then led to a consulting gig and finally a full time dream job within 60 days.”
-Danoosh K, Biz Dev at General Assembly
The course was great! I feel the content can be applied to any arena of business and professionalism. This course is truly road map to reach the industry one wishes to pursue. I would almost suggest you call the course Break into (your dream job).
-Bryan K, World Traveler

Here is An Outline of All the Awesome Things You’re Going to Learn
Module 1: Your Foundation
– Learn why Startup Business Development is so awesome and what it really means so you can speak the language when talking to startups. You’ll learn the 3 most common types of business development, the difference between sales and business development, and the proper framework for understanding what business development actually means.
Module 2: Becoming A Successful Business Developer
– The best way to grasp what makes someone successful is to understand the challenges they had to overcome. This module teaches you about the common challenges you’ll face as a BD person as well as the DNA of a badass Biz Dev person vs. a weak one. This is critical so you can properly position yourself during the job hunt.
Module 3: Dissecting and Maneuvering Within The Startup Hiring Ecosystem
– The st

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