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The Fastest, Easiest, and Most Effective Way to Improve your Finances and Live the Life you Deserve!
Lectures 95
Length 5.5 hours
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I’ve got a question for you…

What would you do if you were 100% Debt Free by Tomorrow?

No Credit Card Debt. No Student Loans. Nothing…


I’m sure you’ve noticed that in every town, there is always some jerk who drives brand new cars, has a huge house, and travels whenever and wherever he wants…

…and this guy isn’t the smartest…

I bet this just pisses you off, am I right?

What does this ding dong know about debt and money that you don’t?

What is his secret mutant power and how is this fair in any way shape or form?

Fact is… Life ain’t fair.

Let’s hear from one of my many Happy and Successful Students!

“Because of his tips I was able to renegotiate my credit card debt which saved me $400 a month in interest fees being flushed down the toilet!”

-Scott Richard

What did ANOTHER Successful Student think about the Course?

“There’s no drawback in enrolling because I’m sure you can gain wayyy more than $19 from following some of these steps. Easily digestible and recommended!”

-Daniel Perez

if you work harder and longer, you SHOULD live a better life…

but homie,

Life ain’t fair…

In Today’s World, you have to Learn to Play with an Unfair Advantage…

Chances are,

Our knuckle dragging friend has stumbled upon one of the only TWO ways in the world to get out of debt and live an amazing life…

and yes, there really are only 2….

Number 1:

He may be saving more money… but what if you knew Steve Jobs’s Secret to save money without even thinking about it… month in and month out.

Number 2:

He may be making more money… but what if you knew Warren Buffett’s Secret to make more money – even if you already have a packed schedule…

Do both and use the money to get out of debt faster than you ever thought possible…
it’s a mathematical certainty!

I know because that is exactly what I do with my students…


24 Proven Ways to Save you Money
(some take as little as 5 minutes)
28 Proven Ways to Make More Money
(some take only 90 Seconds, but make you $100s)
37 Tools that Will Help your Situation and Make your Life Easier
(some only take a few minutes to setup but make you money every month)

but today,

let’s focus on saving money in the easiest way possible…

Let’s focus on 1 of those 24 methods…
its a little website called Paribus… (paribus.co)
maybe you’ve heard of it?

its going to fatten your wallet…

If you buy something and its price is lowered anytime afterwards… you get refunded the difference.

Here’s an Example:

Let’s say you spend $100 on socks… an expensive pair of socks, right?

Let’s say that the company has a sale for those socks and lowers the price to $80. Paribus automatically deposits $20 into your back account.


You Set it up once and forget it…

My students have used just this ONE way to save Thousands of Dollars per Year.

Boom, that just happened!!!

I call this ‘Results in Advance’… and you just got it for FREE!

Don’t worry if you didn’t like that money saving tip…

there are plenty more to choose from that can save you even more!

Here’s the Truth:

If you apply just 1% of what you learn from this course, you put $1000’s into your pocket every year and even every month…

That’s WAY More than This Course will ever cost you!

Did you Know that you Can Lower your Student Loans by up to $50k in a Few Hours?
This Course Gives Step-by-Step Instruction on How to Do that…
Did you Know that you Can Lower your Medical Bills by up to 75% with a Few Phone Calls?
This Course Gives Step-by-Step Instruction on How to Do that…
Did you Know that you Can Get Creditors to Stop Calling with you with ONE Simple Letter?
This Course Gives you a Sample Letter to Send…


Did you Know you Can Reduc

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