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Learn about holistic health, wellness, key biomarkers, good sleep and ways to optimize your health

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Now earn your INTERNATIONALLY ACCREDITED DIPLOMA IN HEALTH & WELLNESS accredited by CPD Certification Service, which is an independent body that ensures qualifications are in line with the most current professional standards.
This means this course comply with universally accepted principles of Continual Professional Development (CPD) and have been structured to meet the criteria of personal development plans.
CPD certification means that the content and structure of the courses have been independently assessed and approved for multi-disciplinary and industry-wide continuing personal and professional development purposes.
Pass Mark: 50% to secure your certificate!
Course Pre-requisite: None
Course Duration: 4 weeks
Course & Exam Location: Online
In 1948, World Health Organization [WHO] defined health as:
“a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”
This was decades ago, and over time the definition has evolved.
Instead of just being a ‘state’ i.e. either a person is healthy or he/she is sick at any given point of time, health is now viewed as a
or a
‘RESOURCE’ for living.
This means that instead of a state Health is a dynamic equilibrium with human body always trying to achieve Homeostasis!
So even if someone is suffering from Diabetes (God Forbid), he/she still can experience optimal health.
Health and disease can co-exist.
The term ‘Wellness’ or ‘Optimal Health’ is also discussed. Wellness encompasses five dimensions of health.
It’s not enough to eat healthy & workout, but in order to be truly well, ones needs to take into account other dimensions of health like mental, emotional, spiritual and even social!
Yes, even one’s income, level of education and social support are equally important when compared with one’s diet and training!
Let me discuss the benefits that will accrue to you once you graduate from this course:
-You will receive a CPD certificate (different from what Udemy provides)
-You will be able to use titles like Wellness Coach, Health Consultant, Health Advisor etc after receiving the certificate from me
-You will learn about different dimensions of health not just limited to Physical.
Let me tell you what I have in store for you in this course:
Module 1: Starters Pack.
Learn about CPD, the titles you can use, about me and start by downloading the complete Training Manual for this course.
Module 2: Introduction to Health & Wellness
Learn about the evolving definition of Health.
Understand what Homeostasis means
Learn about Holistic Health/Wellness
Module 3: 5 Key Bio-Markers that you need to get tested on
These 5 numbers that I am going to discuss in this module will give anyone an overall excellent idea on how healthy an individual is as these numbers can have a huge impact positive or negative depending on whether they are in the optimal ranges or not!
Module 4: Mental and Emotional Health
Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. In this module, I will start off by providing you a questionnaire/sign that will tell you are mentally healthy a person is. You will be required to rate yourself/client on the scale of [1-5] and check your progress over time.
Although, mental health is something that gets a bit technical (like physical health) and requires a specialization. Fortunately, the ways to improve one’s mental health is related to one’s diet, workout and the way that person thinks, and therefore I have provided many ways in which you can help yourself or your client to improve their mental and emotional health.
Module 5: Spiritual Health
We are spiritual beings having a humanly experience.
We all are born for a unique purpose which is very specific to us. And once we find it and start pursuing it to the best of our abilities only and only

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