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Learn Java socket programming concepts and build a multi-user chat application
Lectures 25
Contents Video: 2 hours
Other: 2 mins
Skill Level All Levels
Languages English
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Socket programming is used for developing client-server applications in Java. In client-server architecture, the server provides some service and the client can use this service to get the desired output or result. Sockets also allow two or more computers to communicate with each other over the network using TCP/IP protocol.

This course is for anyone who has basic knowledge about core Java concepts and who is totally new to Java socket programming. This course may not be suitable for students/programmers who are not familiar with Java.

This course is going to teach you how to write client-server applications in Java using socket programming. It will also teach you how to write a multi-user/group chat application in Java with chat logging functionality. All the concepts are explained in a very simple language. This course is highly practical-based with a very few power-point presentations. Apart from socket programming, this course also gives you a short introduction to some of the Java concepts which are required for understanding our chat application. This chat application will give you a concrete understanding of all socket programming fundamentals.

And finally, a chat application could be a good topic for your school/college mini-project. It is also an area which is quite unique to work on rather than regular Java projects. As it’s a short course, it wont be boring at all. You need to invest only around 2 hours of your time.

I believe you will enjoy this course and learn a lot. Happy Coding 🙂 

Full details
Understand Socket Programming in Java
Write simple Client-Server Applications in Java
Build a multi-user GUI Chat Application in Java

Full details
Students, programmers who have some basic knowledge of Java concepts and what to learn Socket Programming
This course may not be suitable for students or programmers who are new to Java and are not familiar with Java core concepts.

Full details

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