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Learn all the fundamentals of JavaScript and reach to high level with perfect explanations. Create Real World Project
You’ll begin by looking at what JavaScript is
You’ll take your first steps with the syntax
You’ll learn all the fundamental concepts, including variables, data and data types
You’ll learn how to structure your code to make decisions in your programs
Once you’re comfortable with the basics, you’ll move on to one of the key ideas in JavaScript— the object. You’ll learn how to take advantage of the objects that are native to the JavaScript language, such as functions, dates, and strings, and find out how these objects enable you to manage complex data and simplify your programs.
You’ll move on to more advanced topics, such as writing code to dynamically manipulate elements within a web page and executing code when certain things happen within your page.

JavaScript is the language of 21st century, millions of websites and modern applications use this language, so being a professional web developer without this powerful programming language is impossible.
This course will help you to get all the fundamentals of JavaScript, you will start from scratch and will reach to high level. If you are absolute beginner than this course is for you, if you already know basics of JavaScript this course is for you too, because repeating the main concepts of JavaScript with many interesting examples which are provided in this course is the guarantee of developing, getting powerful skills and reaching to advance level.
This course will cover every main topic from zero to intermediate and advance levels. You will start from JavaScript basic issues, like syntax, variables, data types, then you will move on to functions, objects, decision making part of JavaScript. After that you will learn how to manipulate on web page using Document Object Model. You will learn about events, regular expressions, error handling, debugging, and to the end of the course you will learn about form validation.
After each section you have a chance to improve your knowledge with practical exercises, I have created for you 100 coding exercises. Remember, practice is a MUST!!!.

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