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Taking your first step toward becoming a Change Agent – Leading change in yourself, your organization, and the world.
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Does your organization work well together?  Or are there conflicts and some people work at cross purposes?  Are you keeping up with competition?  Or falling behind?  Are your operations smooth or bumpy?  What do you know about leading the needed change?

In the world today, the only constant is change itself.  Business of all sizes need to change to meet competitive threats and take advantage of evolving opportunities.  So too, individuals need to adapt to survive (ideally thrive) in organizational change situations – or to break habits holding them back.

This course is an introduction to organizational and personal change, preparing a foundation to go deeper into how individuals and organizations change.  As an introduction it covers the essentials for successful change with a project that helps you clarify your beliefs about change and your role in influencing change in yourself and others.  

Instructional resources include five videos (48 min.), two supporting pdf documents, and a worksheet that walks you through developing a personal Philosophy of Change (understanding what you believe so you will be better prepared to thoughtfully consider the many questions that are addressed when leading a change initiative). 

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Discover the Essentials of Organizational Change (the 3 things you Have To Do Right)
Develop your personal Philosophy of Change (What you believe about change and how that drives possible success)

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This course is designed for people who may have been exposed to organizational change before (on the receiving end), but have not had the opportunity (responsibility and weight) of leading a change initiative.
People who have had success leading change initiatives and understand why they believe what they do about planning and leading change will find the content in this course unnecessary for their growth in understanding how to lead organizational change.

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Leading Change – Getting Started with a Change Philosophy
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