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Understanding and solving complex business problems: concepts, strategies, and case studies
Lectures 41
Length 3 hours
Skill Level All Levels
Languages English
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Where are you aiming to go with your career? No matter what destination you have in mind, there has never been a better time to be a management consultant.

First-year employees get offered salaries of $90K annually.

More experienced consultants easily earn six-figure incomes plus bonuses.

Management Consulting Case Essentials will teach you the fundamentals of mastering management consulting cases.

This course will focus in detail on the three essentials for mastering management consulting success:

7 types of business cases that cover nearly all of the kinds of cases you will ever encounter.
Brainteasers that train you to unravel and creatively solve any business problem for which your consulting services are required.
Estimation and market sizing training, to teach you how to value any business situation with a very simple, easy-to-use framework that will work in any situation you encounter.

We will pull back the curtain on how top consultants at McKinsey, BCG and Bain make solving complex business problems look easy.

We provide you with all the tools and techniques and most importantly how to become better focused on your career, business and yourself.

Management Consulting is such a satisfying and fulfilling career path to pursue because you end up having an immensely positive impact on the lives of so many people.

The skills you will learn and develop in this course to solve key business problems for companies will create domino effects every time that will positively impact the lives many people, potentially numbering in the hundreds or thousands … and in a few cases perhaps even millions of people.

Depending upon the niche(s) you end up serving, the solutions you develop could improve your country’s economic presence in the world. Or it might play a major role in promoting environmental protection and stability.

Conceivably, your work could even play a role in saving human lives.

Health care, manufacturing, government, retail, entertainment, retailing… the list of potential ways to apply your skills is only limited by your imagination.

This course will teach you to develop the strong analytical skills needed in order to deliver great work and creative solutions to complex business problems, resulting in improvements at every level of an organization.

Management consulting is a rapidly growing field.

Top firms are offering salaries of $90,000 or more for first-year employees. Experienced consultants can easily earn six figures plus bonus. With the techniques you’ll learn in my course, you can write your own ticket.

The time to take action is now! It will give you unlimited access to a library of more than 40 training videos. We give you numerous step-by-step guides including profitability, market analysis, capacity expansion, mergers and acquisitions, market entry, investing and organization cases. Plus, you’ll receive in-depth case studies, toolkits and other invaluable information.

Full case studies include:

• Helping MCM increase volume sales 

• Analyzing management consulting industry for Ogilvy & Mather 

• Designing strategies for BMW to enter Mongolian market 

• Helping Pere Ocean Singapore make capacity expansion decision 

• Is an asking price of $1.2 Billion for Yammer a good deal for Microsoft 

• Should GP investment make new football stadium investment 

• Helping Hertz measure division’s operating efficiency

• Estimating advertising revenue of Spotify in a year

What’s required?

Just a basic working knowledge of business and the motivation to improve your business career. 

Here’s what your investment delivers.

• Over 41 lectures and 3 hours of content! 

• Understand management consulting 

• Get yourself prepared for management consulting interviews 

• Prepare you to move on to intermediate level management consulting training 

• Know ways of improving profitability 

• Use Porter’s Five Forces model to conduct i

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