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Tactics, Methods, Do’s, and Don’ts for Negotiating as a Small Business Owner
Lectures 25
Contents Video: 4 hours
Skill Level Beginner Level
Languages English
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Negotiating is probably one of the most under-trained skills among business owners. Most of us know what we know about negotiating because we’ve been knocked around a bit at the negotiating table, but we don’t really know what the tactics are, why they work, or how to counter them. This course will take you through over 20 negotiating tactics as well as the preparation and the mindset you need to have to negotiate more profitable deals for your business.

Business owners negotiate multiple situations every week whether it’s a situation with an employee or a contract with a client or vendor. This course will walk you through how to look at a negotiation from the beginning so that you’re in the proper frame of mine. Then you’ll learn how create a game plan for each negotiation that you enter. You’ll learn everything from getting your counterpart’s story and why that’s important to how to deal with issues like deadlock. You’ll know the rules for negotiating over phone or through email. Philip will cover situations that include “quickie one-off” deals to long-term contracts. You’ll know what to look out for when it comes to closing the deal and some of the sticky issues that come up when the actual contract lands on your desk.

Negotiating doesn’t have to be a dreaded, tiring process. It can actually be fun! After taking the Negotiations Training for Small Business Owners course you’ll feel knowledgeable and confident going into every negotiation. The people you negotiate with will gain a new respect for you not just as a negotiator but as a savvy business person.

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You’ll learn how to create a game plan that will make you more successful in every negotiation.
You’ll learn how to prioritize what you should negotiate.
You’ll learn how to spot the arbitrage opportunities in a deal.
You’ll learn how and why various tactics work and how to use them. This will give you insight into dealing with these tactics when they’re use against you.
You’ll learn the difference in approach one-time deals and long-term deals.
You’ll learn how to ask questions that lead to answers with REAL information.
You’ll learn how to deal with the emotional side of negotiating and how to spot when your counterpart is making emotional decisions and not financial decisions.
You’ll learn why hearing your counterpart say “no” is actually a good thing.
You’ll learn how to recover from deadlock.
You’ll learn how to open a negotiation so that you learn more about your counterpart’s situation without showing everything about your situation.

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This course was developed primarily for business owners and entrepreneurs
You’ll want to have a notepad and pen handy to take notes and write down ideas or questions.
People who want to negotiate better business deals for themselves and their counterparts.

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