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A comprehensive masterclass to learning how to prevent project scope management failure (A key to PM Success!)
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Project Scope Management is the key to running a successful project.

Get them Right! = Success
Get them Wrong = Almost Certain Failure

This course provides a comprehensive guide to learning the essentials of project requirements management and applying these strategies to ensure that your project requirements are written to the highest standard and your Project will be a Project Management Triumph!


FEB 2016
– Added two FREE bonuses

JAN 2016
– Added Project Requirements Traceability Template
– Added Project Requirements Attributes Template
‐ Added a checklist related to quality of Project Requirements
‐ The new promotional video has been uploaded
‐ More real examples have been added

DEC 2015
‐ All lessons have been rerecorded with better quality
‐ Summary lessons have been added to the course

When managing any project you will face challenges in areas such as cost, time, resources, and much more. The key to successfully navigating these challenges is understanding and defining the scope of your project correctly and accurately. Without clearly determining the boundary of your project, and more importantly the elements inside that boundary, your project is destined for failure before it even begins. Delays in schedule and overruns in cost not only result in the loss of key stakeholder satisfaction, but can be detrimental for your career!

Ensure your projects come in on time and on budget every time!

“Project Scope Management: Writing Good Requirements” is a comprehensive yet powerful training masterclass designed to quickly teach you the essential elements of project requirements. Upon completion you will have a solid foundation of understanding in determining and using project management requirements to successfully manage projects of all types. The material and examples provided in this course will span multiple business domains making this training a must for project managers of all industries.
Confidently manage your projects with well-defined project requirements!

“Project Scope Management: Writing Good Requirements” includes six main sections:

What project requirements are and why they are important?
Types of project requirements
Characteristics of a good project requirement
Requirements relationships
Requirements attributes
Common requirements challenges
And more …

Our comprehensive course provides valuable material and multiple examples for you to learn by “seeing” and “doing”. At the end of the course you will be able to clearly and accurately understand, identify, and define different types of requirements in your projects. Our goal is to help you avoid the common pitfalls related to poor project requirements by establishing exceptional project requirements management from the beginning.

The perfect tool for all industries!

No matter what role or job title you currently have, if you are tasked with communicating your future needs to others, this course is essential to your success.

Sign up today and manage your projects to success!


What material will be covered and provided in this course?

• Understand key concepts in project scope management and project requirements management
• Identify and define different types of project requirements (examples included)
• Learn characteristics of a good project requirement (examples included)
• Learn how to write your project management requirements with the high quality (examples included)
• Learn project requirement attributes (examples included)
• Learn about common project requirements management challenges and how to prevent them
• Define a clear and better project scope
• Increase the stakeholder’s satisfaction in your projects

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