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Learn how to photograph and process images for High Dynamic Range photo in Adobe Photoshop and Photomatix.

This online photo editing course will teach you how to produce stunning High Dynamic Range (HDR) artwork. With the HDR technique you will be able to create breathtaking representations of demanding scenes – typically containing high contrast.  The images you will bring home will amaze your clients and enrich your portfolio.

I know it doesn’t take much to get overwhelmed by technical explanations on HDR specifics. However complicated it might sound – believe me, once you get a solid grasp on it – it is pretty straightforward process. Plus the final results are totally worth the effort. No matter how advanced your digital camera is – if you don’t know how to produce HDR image, you are simply limiting your capturing abilities. A camera capable of covering complete range of a high dynamic scene hasn’t been invented yet. Mastering the HDR technique allows us to work in a smart way and taking the full advantage of the data stored in the RAW files allows us to take control and create stunning photos.

The course takes an active, hands-on approach, it covers a complete creative edit of 2 high quality landscape images. The edit includes merging sequence of RAW files into HDR image. We will work in ACR and as an alternative processing software we will use Photomatix. We will finish the artwork in Adobe Photoshop to fine tune the desired “look & feel”.
Unlike other photography classes that are focusing on “pushing sliders”, this course teaches you how to approach your photo editing workflow in a comprehensive way. Behind every successful image stands a solid understanding of photography principals and a strong creative idea.
With this course I will help you to elevate your work to a new level of professionalism and impact.
When you join me in the course you will have at your disposal high quality supporting RAW images to start the course on the spot without time wasted on searching for resources. I provide you with:
You can access the supporting files anytime to see the final edit including every single step I have taken to obtain it.

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HDR Photography – The Complete Workflow
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