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Learn how to stop procrastination and skyrocket your motivation while actually having fun learning.
The underground method of negative motivation to beat procrastination.
The most important motivation principles that help with beating procrastination.
The off-the record ways to motivate yourself when you are short on time.
A revolutionary approach to motivating yourself using something called the Motivational Bazooka.
What no one tells you about stopping the cycle of up and down motivation.
How to summon the urge to get work done on command by using cognitive biases.
The great cover-up about why you never heard about negative motivation.
The most highly effective and scientifically proven ways to beat procrastination and sustain motivation.

This is the most COMPLETE motivation course on Udemy
Here is what others have said about Benjamin Hero:

Why I want to change your life
For as long as I can remember I have been in love with motivation. Whether it is motivating people on stage or on a more personal level. I have no shame in saying that I absolutely love motivation in all of its forms. I have spoken internationally in countries such as Malaysia and even on the Tedx stage and the thing I just love to do is motivate people.
People have often joked that they would love for me to follow them around and narrate their everyday activity so that they can feel my motivation wherever they may be. Well this online course is the closest I can get to doing such a thing in a practical sense.
Ladies and gentlemen, I have literally poured everything I have into this course and I just know that it will change your life.
This course has been specifically designed for people that:
I wanted this course to be as action focused and practical as possible. In addition, I wanted to make it as fun and engaging. I have taken many, many boring courses in my life time and I can assure you that this course WILL hold your interest. There is more than 10 hours of content and here is a list of everything that you will be getting in this course.
You will receive:
1.) How To Beat Procrastination & Get Work Done Video Series
This video series is focused on breaking down exactly how you can beat procrastination consistently and get work done while being able to maintain the that level of motivation. This video series comes with 21 practical exercises to make sure that you actually implement the techniques.
2.) The Hero Motivation Companion PDF Guide
This is a 15 page plus companion guide that goes with the “How To Beat Procrastination & Get Work Done” video series “. This guide contains extended information and all 21 of the Hero Missions which are the practical exercises.
3.) 100 Udemy Exclusive Benjamin Hero Motivational Videos (Yes, 100!)
If you know anything about me you know that I absolutely love making motivational video and for this course I have included 100 Udemy exclusive motivational videos which have been shoot and recorded just for Udemy. Just this alone will make buying this course worth it.
4.) Direct Access & Contact To Me
By enrolling in this course you get a direct line to me so that you can have answers to any questions or queries that you may have. Unlike other instructors, I actually like to speak to my students.
5.) An Invitation To Join The Benjamin Hero Inner Circle
Connect with other like-minded people who can help and support you when you need that extra push.
6.) Receive all Future Course Updates & Improvements For Free!
This is just the 2017 version of this course. This course is being continually updated and improved upon and you will receive all future course updates and improvements for complete free. This is the course that just keep on giving
It is time to make lasting change
By the end of the course you will know how summon the urge to get work done on command by using cognitive biases. Be able to give yourself that instant jolt of motivation by using the motivational bazooka and you will finally be able to stop this annoying up and down cycle of motivation and finally be able to beat procrastination way more consistently.
Ladies and gentlemen, this course will change your life. You have a 30 days no questions asked refund period in case this course is not for you. With that assurance there is no reason for you to at least not try this course. It is finally time to get some lasting motivation!

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