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Work remotely, be a Digital Nomad, Live in New Countries and Travel Hacks!

Imagine you could pick a country and then decide to go live there, like a local. Imagine you could then decide, 6 months later, to pick another country and do the same all over again. Imagine your professional life could continue as before. Imagine bringing your spouse along.
This is the life I have been leading for the past 6 years. My wife and I have been living in 7 different cities, on 3 different continents. And guess what! I am an entrepreneur, but my wife has worked exclusively in the corporate world (read: employee). We have still been able to make it work. And in this course I show you how.
This Course is for Anyone, Entrepreneur or Employee, who wishes to live abroad
This course will not tell you how to earn a living online and then tell you “Now Travel!”. Instead, this course will walk you through the concrete steps you need to move your life to a new country, from deciding upon the country, to figuring out what to do with your possessions, home, car, friends, and your life in general, to establishing a new life, with a new home, car, friends, etc. in your new city/country. This course will also walk you through the logistics (storage, visas, payment issues, etc.) that you are bound to encounter when moving to a new country.

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