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7 Steps to Design Your Future, Personal Growth, Self-Improvement, Planning & Personal Breakthrough
You’ll explore 7 Pillars of Personal Growth that form a foundation for meaningful Life Transformation
You’ll be able to mind-map your unique Self-improvement plan for success and identify key areas of significance
You’ll be able to keep track of your personal growth journey using mind-mapping tools
You’ll be able to use mind-mapping to plan, develop ideas and prioritize your Personal Growth
You’ll be equiped with powerful tools and resources to get you moving forward

This Self-Improvement course is a unique approach to Unlocking your Potential and Mapping your own unique Personal Development Plan, equipping you with powerful tools for the exciting journey ahead.
It’s time to begin the journey of Intentional Personal Development
This practical course helps you discover the process of change we all need to reach our dreams and goals and live life to the fullest.
You probably realize that you need to grow and develop to become the best you can be, but where do you begin? And how do you progress?
Using simple Mind-Mapping techniques, we will explore 7 key elements of Personal Growth and I’ll show you how to put focus and direction into this exciting process of Personal Transformation.
This is for you if:
The 7 Pillars of Personal Development
Personal Development is much more than simply reading some motivational books.  It’s a continuing process of learning, growth and change that should affect every aspect of our lives if we are to become the people we know we could be, and live the life we always dreamed of.
The problem for many is where to begin…
So laying a solid foundation and putting a plan in place is vital to see the success you desire and start living your dreams.
Using 7 key growth areas, we will explore how each of these “pillars” work together to form a Platform that we can build our lives on far into the future, all working together to help us continue to reach our full potential
How does it work?
We will use free mind-mapping software to create a framework, using an example Personal Development Plan Template, to explore the 7 Pillars in depth.
The example ideas and resources will help an individual to develop their own unique growth Plan and build a mind-map that can serve as a tool for inspiration, organization, planning and recording progress.
I’ve drawn on personal experience and the wise words of others who have
walked the road of personal growth, to put together a course that can
help anyone begin the same process, define their own plan, and stay on
WARNING!  If you take action, adapt and apply what you learn through this course, it could change your life for the better.
As a BONUS, you’ll get free access to an expanding online resource of tools to help you on the way.

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