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Learn how to identify a problem, solve that problem, and get paid to solve that problem; without any startup capital
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You want to start a business
Do you have the desire to start a business but don’t know where to start?
The amount of information available to someone like you that wants to start a business is overwhelming.
Information overload is stopping you
Too much information is preventing you from taking action. You don’t want to ‘do it wrong.’
Or you feel like you need to learn more first and then you will be ready to start your business.
Businesses should be simple
The truth is starting a business doesn’t have to be hard. At its core a business is simply a solution to a problem people are having. That’s it.
Lean principles help you focus on what matters
Lean principles allow you to focus on the core of a business while ignoring all the other stuff that doesn’t matter.
In this course you will learn about the 3-steps to building a profitable business.
Why these principles are so powerful
Have you heard of startups burning through thousands of dollars?
The truth is most new businesses need a lot of funding because they don’t use lean principles and end up wasting a lot of money.
There is a much more effective way for you to start a business.
In this course you will find problems to solve by talking to potential customers.
You will then test to see if this is a problem people are willing to pay for using an MVP.
This means you don’t need to spend any money until you have already validated your idea by having people pay you.
This eliminates all the guesswork and waste when creating a profitable business.
Get started right now
Start learning these lean principles right now. You will be amazed at how simple it can be to start a profitable business.
There are an endless number of unsolved problems out there. Problems that require a solution that people are willing to pay for.
This course will teach you how to find and solve them.
Click on the green ‘Start Learning Now’ button in the top right hand corner to instantly learn these lean principles.

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