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Learn the simplest methods for achieving mind-blowing realistic drawings fast using a simple 4 step process!

Welcome to Shading Masters. Your search is over! This training will give you all you need to draw like a pro in no time.

Whether you are a teacher, student or just getting back into drawing, Shading masters has something for you.

There is one goal – to teach you the most effective shading methods I know so you can transform your images into serious art. Whether you’re drawing landscapes, portraits or even still life your images will be more dynamic,look more professional and have realistic textures.

The course is packed with practical real world knowledge and experience gathered over many years of trial and error and learning from other artists and has helped me get my images published in books and publications, hung up in prestigious galleries and win contests.

Check out the FREE series below to get a head start!

Downloadable Resources(PDF):

– Supplies list – Tell you where to get all the best and cheapest supplies

– Exercise Sheets – To test out different techniques

– Resources and Readings – Tons of helpful links, books, tools and apps for inspiration and just plain awesomeness

– Tools and Marks – gives you examples of each tool and the exact mark they make on the paper.

How long will it take?

The course was originally designed to be consumed over 4 weeks but you can go at your own pace.

The course is laid out into 5 sections and will be updated on an ongoing basis.

1. Tools and Materials – Learn all the tools you need and all the one you don’t. This includes what pencils, paper and other specialty tools you need to be using to get amazing results.

2. Learning Light – Break down and explore the world of light so that you can actually draw it effectively. Light is what creates everything around you. learning to master it and really SEE it will alone take your drawings to new heights!

3. Core Techniques – The fun stuff. These will teach you all of the different methods for shading. It will include how to draw shading multiple ways to get what ever texture or effect you need whether it be hair, skin, trees, water or smooth gradients. You name it. You’ll be drawing it by the end of this module.

4. Textures – This is where we’ll go into specifics of how to create even more textures from skin,to water, to glass and metal and more will be added regularly.

5. Case Studies – This is the section where you get to see where I messed up and how i fixed it. I’ll deconstruct each of the current pieces that I’m working on and show you the unique challenges I faced, where i went wrong and how I fixed them. This section will be especially helpful to see a lot of different ways to get the job done and it will be updated as I complete more and more projects.


Perfect Proportions – Learn all the techniques to master proportions in your images every time.

Perfect Perspectives – If you can’t draw in 3D your images will always be missing that extra realism. This crash course will teach you the basics of drawing in perspective.

The Four Steps to Shading – Look over my shoulder as I show you the only 4 steps I use to shade all of my drawings every time.

I know how frustrating it is to not have a picture come together like you have it in your head. I’ve been there many times too and its not your fault.

There are tons of free videos out there on youtube and other sites that “SHOW” you how to draw but they usually are just super sped of videos with no explanations or reasons. You’ve probably also seen the ones that show you how to draw celebrities line by line and speed thru the shading , but you and I both know that in the end those really aren’t helping you develop the skills you need to really draw what ever you want.

They’re just fragments here and there of what you need to know, not a step by step roadmap and approach of how to get there with quality instruction.

Truly mastering drawing is about learning and putting into action some fundamental concepts and t

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