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Easy to utilize workout with one of the best training tools… A little green band. Strengthen your legs and glutes now

The Green Band Workout is dozens of exercises collected and mastered over 12 years as a fitness professional and a former college athlete.  These exercises range from very beginner to highly advanced.  You can learn the exercises used by a successful studio owner to help local clients sculpt better legs especially the glutes.  You will learn how these neglected exercise can help you on your journey to better body.
Who is this for?
We can always have workouts at our disposable as long as you have the Green Band. Don’t have time…  Do the 50 rep challenge in just three minutes.  Don’t have access to the gym, weights, or kettle bells…..  just put on the little green band monster.  Don’t have space… just use your office or hotel room and put on the band.  There are no excuses to not workout those glutes when you have access to the Green Band Workout!

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The Ultimate Green Band Glute Workout
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