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I’ll be your Udemy personal trainer, giving you daily tasks to have your best Udemy course launch ever! (Unofficial)

This course is not sponsored by or affiliated with Udemy, Inc.
You want to make more money with your online courses, right?
Do you want a step-by-step guide for launching your next course?
This is the 30-Day Udemy Course Launch Blueprint, a daily course that will help you have your best online course launch! FREE BONUSES for enrolling (see below).
After launching over 60 courses on Udemy, I know what it is like to have $10,000+ course launches. I also know what it is like to have course launches with depressing results. I’ve tried hundreds of different ways to promote my courses… now I have a precise strategy that actually works.
After enrolling in this course, you’ll get daily instructions with to-do items leading up to the launch of your Udemy course. Think of me as your personal trainer! I’ll be with you, every day, telling you the one task you should do that drives the most results.
I don’t just tell you what to do, I show you how to do it! This course includes CASE STUDIES that show you exactly what I did in my most successful online course launches.
This course includes FREE BONUSES! Everyone who enrolls gets:
Please only enroll in this course if you are a serious course creator and you are ready to take action every day.
What types of things will you be doing in the next 30 days?
This course doesn’t stop helping you when you launch your course. Learn expert strategies to getting more course sales after your course launches. These strategies will work for all of your older courses as well!
You should be ready to dive right in to marketing your course when you begin the course. It will be beneficial if you already have your course content shot and edited, ready to upload. This course is not a training on how to create your online course. It is a course on how to launch your course.
Thank you for taking a moment to check out my course. I know you will love it! There is absolutely no risk to sign up. Get a 100% refund in the next 30 days if you don’t like the course.
Click the green ‘Take This Course’ button above to have your best course launch ever!

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Udemy Course Creation: 30-Day Launch Blueprint (Unofficial)
Udemy Course Creation: 30-Day Launch Blueprint (Unofficial) course coupon
Udemy Course Creation: 30-Day Launch Blueprint (Unofficial) coupon
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