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A Complete Plain Language Yoga Training Course. Patanjali Ashtanga Mindfulness Meditation & more. Zero to Yogi in Weeks!

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These are the most searched words online about Yoga. The only one that has anything to do with what Yoga actually is is the 8 limbs of Yoga. While Yoga at home and Yoga Nidra might actually offer the idea that some people have a little knowledge as to what Yoga actually is, the rest is pure materialistic commercialism around the name Yoga.
When someone say the word Yoga do you automatically think of people in a class doing poses, postures and stretching exercises with maybe a short relaxation in Yoga Nidra and a few Om mantra chants at the end? This can be part of Yoga but is not Yoga in itself. Just read the ancient texts.
Now I understand how weird, daunting and complex the old Yoga texts can be, this could not the reason the word Yoga has been misused for so long in western cultures?
In this course you will learn:
This course will not only give you a better understanding of Yoga than what even most Yoga instructors have, once learnt and mastered it will enable you to do things in life way more efficiently and effectively once having learnt how to concentrate correctly and how to use your memory properly.
It will teach you why so many people have tried to meditate and have failed or think they have been meditating for 20 years when all along they have only been relaxing.
Many courses out there teach us about Ashtanga Yoga or better said the Ashtangas of Yoga or the 8 Limbs of Yoga however in this course you will learn not only about the 8 limbs or Ashtanga of Yoga as Yoga is not about the 8 limbs which is in fact only the second part of Yoga.
The first part of Yoga is in fact learning all about how to prepare yourself for Meditation.
The second part of Yoga is the Ashtanga of Yoga or the 8 limbs of Yoga.
The third part of Yoga is all to do with the Siddhis’.
The fourth part of Yoga is about liberation, freedom, true Mindfulness and Enlightenment.
Why was Yoda, in Star Wars named so? (Do not forget that G. Lucas is dyslexic so he has the ability to change a g to a d very easily). Was it because Yoda was an expert in flexibility? George Lucas and his Force comes from somewhere; just as his clone troopers are not his own design, they can be found on buildings of Gaudi in Barcelona.
About the Author:
I am a Yoga teacher, a meditation teacher and a mindfulness teacher yet I have not studied some silly fad yoga with some piece of paper with no meaning. I studied Raja Yoga which is one of the 4 Original Pillars of Yoga. I studied directly with a Yogacharya and not some fake self proclaimed Yogacharya. I studied with a real Yogacharya. One of a select few in the world who has been nominated by his peers (those being the top Yogis and Yoginis in the world) for a lifetime of learning and service to Yoga. I have studied and taught Yoga for round 2 decades, teaching and helping people find their Path of Yoga. While I have students in 60 different  countries everytime I encounter some new student or go to a weekend retreat I have to explain to them what Yoga is all about as they think it is about doing a bit of exercise and singing some mantras all in a group and feeling all … well hippie… Yoga has got 2 distinct stigmas:
Both of these stigmas are incorrect and if you wish to learn the real truth about what Yoga is then please enrol in this course.
We will also see how some simple mistranslations (which are easy mistakes to make) of the ancient Yoga texts have stopped a generation of people doing Yoga successfully.
So if you wish to gain more knowledge than a lot of Yoga instructors out there then please enrol to learn more.
Do you know the relationships between Yoga, meditation and mindfulness?

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